Wags and Whiskers Pet Rescue, Inc.

 Feral and Free Roaming Cat Program

Our program focuses on the "TNR" - Trap | Neuter | Return - method of managing feral cat colonies, and we subscribe to the principles of Alley Cat Allies in that regard.  This means, when asked to help with the management of feral cats, we will help trap them, have them sterilized, tested for disease, vaccinated for rabies and then return them to the same location.  The tip of the left ear of the cat is clipped during the sterilization anesthesia so it will be obvious which cats have already been treated.  This stops the breeding cycle and over time, the colony will stabilize and eventually there will be a reduction in size.  The person who asked for our assistance becomes the caregiver for that colony, providing ongoing  food and shelter.

Volunteers Needed:
To house a cat after sterilization for recovery and to determine if it is adoptable before returning it 

For more information about this program or to volunteer, call Jackie at 931-788-2201

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