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This page celebrates those animals that have left our care and gone to their Forever Homes.  Over 2500 animals have found new homes through our program. We can't list them all here, but the following list is a good sampling.



Storm, now Lola is doing amazing.  She is now 36 pounds and getting taller every day.  She has a ton of energy but has such a good disposition and is a complete lovebug.   She loves doggie daycare and is doing very well in puppy class.  She loves to go on lots of walks and is finally (fingers crossed) very good about the housebreaking. 

Mainly, she is just a complete goofball and so much fun.  Everyone loves her to pieces.  She is a lucky little girl.


Nick Nick, now Jake, is still with us. He is doing well with his best friend Zoe and our two kids. He has put on a bit of weight because he likes to steal food. Lol. We have moved from TN to sunny southern California. The dogs love the weather!

Sally Miss Sally is the queen of the house!


Abby (the blonde one) is doing great on the farm.  She gets along great with her older brother, Alex and her little cat “sisters.”  She wasn’t too sure what to make of my daughter’s pug when she first met him though.  I’m not sure she thought he was actually a dog.  He’s been around big dogs all his life and wasn’t afraid of her at all.  That may have been the problem.  She and I had a “discussion” about how to treat her “nephew.”  Once I was able to convince her that the humans get to decide who is welcome she got along with him just fine.  In fact, when he stayed with us for a week over the summer, all 3 dogs were sleeping together with no problems.  She takes her role as “farm protector” quite seriously.  Now if we could only convince her that she doesn’t need to smell like cow manure in order to do that job!!


We absolutely adore Lacey.  She joins Lilly, a Jack Russell and Maggie, the Maltese Queen of the house.  Maggie doesn't know she is a dog and doesn't like them (she is 14 years old)  Lacey quit trying to teach her how to play months ago.  

Lacey is playful and has a wonderful temperament.  She is a "snuggler" and her favorite thing at night is to get in bed, under the covers, next to Phoebe my wife.  Then, at bedtime, she goes right to her crate.  She will not help you lift her.  Most dogs, when they know you want them in your lap, will jump as you lift them, but, Lacey is just dead weight and make you do all the work.  I have wondered what the mix is with Lacey.  She is about the same size as Lilly, but she has longer legs.  We couldn't have made a better choice.  Thank you.  


His personality has completely changed and he is no longer calm and laid back he is actually quite full of energy and playful. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and our other dog loves having a playmate. My daughter loves him a lot and he sleeps every night in her room on her bed in his crate. We can't let him sleep out of the crate yet because we are still experiencing potty problems. We have really enjoyed having him.



Baby Baby, now named Gabbie, is still with us and is quite a joy. She came into our lives at the right time after losing our 5 year old cat to cancer. We had also gotten her there at Wags and Whiskers. Gabbie is so lovable and loves to constantly make the cutest sounds. This is why we named her Gabbie. I can't relate to you enough how much joy she has brought to us. When we first saw her at the Cattery, she gave me a head butt. It was then we both knew we had to bring her home and be a part of our family.

Laura Renamed "Scarlett", she has grown into a beautiful little dog, black as coal and smooth as silk.  She has such a spirited personality. Definitely keeps the other two girls on their toes around here.  We're thinking about some agility training next summer, since she has springs in her legs.  She'd make an excellent jumper and isn't afraid of anything!  She can jump onto my bed, which is a good three feet from the floor. We are so glad to have added her to the family.

Annie I am so glad that I adopted Annie!  She has been a great addition to my family.  When we first brought her home, she was scared and very insecure!  However, we gave her love and attention and now she is one of the sweetest cats ever!  There are times at night that I will be asleep and I can hear her and my other cat Max playing throughout our house!  She loves to cuddle and purr and I love to come home to see her when I get off from work!  She is thriving and having fun in her new loving home!


 Everyone who meets Cleo, Now Duchess (on the right in the picture)  comments on what a pretty and friendly dog she is - and she is!  She's full of energy and bright but still needs a little more training (we call her our steel jawed magnolia) on what she can't chew.  Some of her antics make us laugh - she managed to steal a pancake from a plate on our table without disturbing the rest of the stack and quietly eat it while my back was turned.  

Her and Duke, our bassett/husky mix, are getting along well together and love to run and chase each other and other dogs at the dog park.  We both are very glad we adopted Duchess on that cold February day and look forward to many happy years.


Andy I can never put into words what Andy (now Cooper) has meant to us. When we got Cooper we were staying with my parents for three months until our house sold.  Cooper and my mom strongly bonded then and that continued for the last several years.   My mom experienced a major stroke in April. She ended up coming to live with us in July and stayed with us until her passing a year later. Every morning I would clean Mom up, get her dressed and lift her to her wheel chair. Cooper would come into her room and sit quietly by her chair and wait to be lifted into her lap. It was there that he would ride into the kitchen with her and sit in her lap while she rubbed her hand over him.  One night Momma was getting sick Cooper jumped over the rails of her bed and curled up at the bend of her legs. Momma lived for two days and passed away a little after 4 in the morning. Cooper jumped up off the bed and started running around making noises at the exact same time Mom left. 

I wanted you to know how precious Cooper is to us and let you know that he is being well taken care of. I can't believe it has been 5 years since we first played with him on your deck and brought him home to live with us. He is such a precious soul! Thank you for the work you do with rescuing these precious ones. 

Axle Axle is adjusting well to life without his brother and seems happy to hang out with the "Girls" and Charlie. Millie and him have a blast playing together. He is such a sweet boy, but still very shy. We are still working through his trust issues and are slowly making progress I think. Although I had no intentions of adopting any of my fosters....Axle truly tugged at my heartstrings. I am so glad he is now a part of our family. He has a lifetime to know he is safe and very much loved.
Grace Grace is doing very well, she gets along great with our two bassets. 
Addy Rose Addy is doing just fine and wants to say "Hi' to all those nice Wags & Whiskers volunteers who looked after her during those adoption events.

Isis Isis is doing AWESOME ...  she is spoiled rotten!!!  Since the first adoption went so well we are now considering looking for a beagle pup so she  has a buddy.  Here is a pic of her sun bathing with us on the back deck on one of the beautiful spring days we have recently had. 
Red When we go out we have to take him with us...it's the only way that works....Have to figure out something for the summer....He is a love , though....
Smudge Thank you Wags & Whiskers! We are enjoying our two adopted cats so very much! They were in good care with you - we could tell. Both are such a joy to have.

We have renamed Smudge to Izza. She and Bella love to chase each other around the house. They both love to play and look out the windows at the birds and "chippies". Bella is our greeter cat when we get home. We love that!
Bella We have renamed Smudge to Izza. She and Bella love to chase each other around the house. They both love to play and look out the windows at the birds and "chippies". Bella is our greeter cat when we get home. We love that!

Cowboy is a great guy, and he has quickly become a precious member of our family!  We now call him "Ollie" after the lead male in the musical ANNIE. Ollie has attended many an ANNIE rehearsal and performance in the last month, since my young daughter is performing in the show in Crossville at CCP. He is very popular at the theatre! Ollie is happy and growing. He is very smart and is progressing beautifully with his house training and his puppy obedience. He can do an enthusiastic "sit" and "down" when given the command, and he rings a set of bells we have hung on the doorknob to the backyard when he needs to go outside! Thanks for keeping in touch, and thanks for the important work that you do!

Spice  I am not sure how much time Plato and Spice spent together before we got them but they get along so well.  We are all very happy and they are doing well with our 2 other dogs. Both have been to the Vet and did so well.  Our vet was very impressed with them and the paperwork that you gave us.  We are all so happy.
Plato I am not sure how much time Plato and Spice spent together before we got them but they get along so well.  We are all very happy and they are doing well with our 2 other dogs. Both have been to the Vet and did so well.  Our vet was very impressed with them and the paperwork that you gave us.  We are all so happy.

Cara Cara became a loved member of our family immediately. We decided to keep her name as Cara! She gets along great with her new brother and sisters.  She's growing quickly and already has claimed rights on our king size bed.  We couldn't be happier with her!  Thank you so much for taking such good care of her and giving us the opportunity to adopt such a sweet, loving girl.  I
Winn He is still called Winn and is a sweetie. He and Indiana, his sister, are friends now but she complained about the stranger in her room at first. No fights or anything, just a cold shoulder at first and her vocals about this stranger. He likes to sleep on my plant table so I have removed all but two of the plants so he can stretch out there. It is a sunny window behind it.   I love Winn and he definitely has a winning (no pun intended) personality.

Pharo Pharo, now Hunter, has fit in well with his brother, Hemi, and they are just loving it here with me.  Hunter is my baby boy!
Sweet Pea Sweet Pea is a wonderful addition to our family.  She is so very sweet and just made herself at home.  She enjoys snuggling with the dogs and is very affectionate.  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to help save these animals. 
Tom Here is Tom, now named Leo, making himself at home.  He is doing well and we love him very much.
Suzy & Sissy Suzy and Sissy (Now named Frankie and Dot) are doing wonderfully.  At first they were very skittish and food aggressive, but in just a few weeks they have completely taken over the house.  They play games to see who can lay closest to our dog (when he's sleeping, of course).  Even my dad who claims to not be a cat person enjoys watching them play.

Carson & Cameron

The boys have brought us lots of joy and laughs.  We have renamed them Calvin and Hobbes.  Our families and friends have come by to welcome them to their new home.  We have so much fun playing with them.  They love chasing each other and the laser light from one end of the house to the other.  They like to pile up together on Mom and Dad's bed. They also enjoy their new window bed.  They always greet us with a squeaky meow and then roll over on their backs to get their bellies rubbed.  Thanks for allowing us to add these lovies to our family.




Tennie, now Riley, is doing quite well and is growing by leaps and bounds.  Yes, I did saw leaps and bounds, the vet must have forgotten to tell Riley that he was recovering from a broken leg, because he runs, jumps, and climbs just like the other (3) cats in our family.  We decided to change his name to Riley, since he is now living the “Life of Riley” after being dumped out with a broken leg and starving.  One of Riley’s favorite spots is on the back of the loveseat looking out the window watching birds.  The attached picture doesn’t do him justice, since he is a solid black kitten.  We greatly appreciate everything that Wags and Whiskers has done for us and the community.


We have renamed Skye, "Yakapoo", and love her.  She loves to make snow men with us.  She is a beloved family member and we are grateful everyday for her and the fact that you brought us together.



Shelton They call him Sam and my mom says he has taken over the house.  The pictures are taken of him in “his chair”.  My father is funny—he gave up his favorite chair because Sam likes to lay in it.  He is doing great and is friendly and loving.  We took him to the family Christmas get-together in Kingsport and he did great with the grandchildren all over him and the noise.  He is the king of the house and has made himself at right at home.  He did bite my mother.  He was sleeping on her lap and she rose up to get out of the chair.  After he bit her, he limped some so my mom thinks she might have hurt his leg which caused him to react.  It bothered her and she was afraid he may have some aggression issues, but she says she is not willing to give up on him.  She adores him and that has been his only issue.  He follows my dad around like he hung the moon.  He is adjusting well.  I think it is a good match.

If you remember, Kellie was the cat who was burned at an adoption event. When she came to me she was very skittish and hid behind the washing machine for several days. Although she still cannot be picked up and held, she comes to sit on my lap to be petted. After watching Cats 101 on the animal channel, I believe she is a Norwegian Forest cat. Her fur is very thick, and she has long hair is growing between the pads on her feet. She loves being out on the screened in porch even in the coldest weather. And prefers to sleep in an unheated room.  She seems very happy in our home with no other cats, no dogs and just two adults. She does get along well with our granddaughter when she visits. All in all, she's happy with us and were happy with her.


Little Britches Little Britches, now Bella, is doing wonderful! She is a very loving part of our family.  Her favorite place to be is where I am so she can be on my lap! She loves to greet everyone that comes to our home, she is not shy at all! It's like she has been with us her whole life. Thanks so much for all you do for these animals!
Jenna Jenna is doing great!  She has been a wonderful addition to our family... at least a few times a day, she does something to bring a smile to our faces.  She is now about 2x the size of our Chihuahua and she isn't afraid to walk right up and <playfully> attack her (our Chihuahua)... as a matter of fact, Jenna has no problem walking right up and <again playfully> attacking the ankles / feet of my wife and myself ... only to quickly turn the "attack" into a loving licking session. 
Bailey Bailey is doing very well!  We absolutely adore her - She is so spoiled and goes just about everywhere with us.  She loves hiking and trips to the dog park.  We've started fostering dogs for A.A.R.F. and Bailey enjoys playing and teaching the new dogs the ropes.  She is gentle and so loving, and curls up with us at night, though she usually ends up with most of the bed for herself!  We are so thankful for her!
Noggie &


Noggie the dark tortie is now Missy and Synian, the gray and white,  is now Mister.  We love them like they are our kids and they rule the roost.  Missy sits on the table opposite end from where we are eating and just watches and waits.  Sometimes she gets lucky but only if we are sure her little tummy can take it.  She only gets to lick what's left... no solid other than their regular cat food which they both devour daily. 

They both love to go outside so they both have a harness and leash.  Now Mister just wanders all around with his leash but MIssy won't move.  So I'm thinking of getting one of those carriers that you strap to yourself like they do for babies so I can take her out when I take him out. I know I'm off the charts but I can't help it. 

I am so glad we found wags and whiskers organization. 



We absolutely love Tisha, now Kashmir. She was great for the 9 hour car ride it took to get her home, we weren't expecting to bring a new kitten home on our vacation. She was in the right place at the right time, and we had a name for her as soon as we saw her: Kashmir, after the song from Led Zepplin, my husband's favorite band.  She slept in my lap most of the way home, but the second she hit our home, she was full of spunk and energy. My Sheltie Bandit and Kashmir play all the time, chasing each other around and I think they have a bet going which pet can leave the most toys strewn about the house.  Even our old short hair cat Spice has agreed to let Kashmir live in 'her' house. She has a lifelong home with us.



Faye Faye, now named "Squeaky" is a friendly, healthy cat. We are very pleased that we could adopt her. She really enjoyed her first Christmas with us.

Hi everyone!  I was given the name of Albert, but, my Dad changed it to "Howie", and then finally settled on Sammie  I like it I guess, it's ok.  I come when he calls.  My parents are great and they love me very much.  I am grateful because there are so many of us (cats) in this area, and we all don't have a home...yet.  My parents tell people I have given them unconditional love and I think that's cool.  Anyway, you wouldn't recognize me...it's not been that long when I was adopted at or about 3 months-I didn't weigh hardly anything.   I eat like a horse my Daddy says.  I have gained...can you believe I am almost 11 lbs. now??!!   I get plenty of play and exercise and sleep in Daddy's room and take naps with my family...I have a darn good life and I am happy to be here. Anyway, nice to talk with ya. 



Kyle has adjusted to his new home exceptionally well. He has a playmate in Baby, our previous male cat. They get along just great with no fighting. They have their own bedroom and we go in and nap with them. That's if you call 2 cats walking all over you a nap.  We didn't know when we adopted Kyle that we would also adopt the foster parents too. We are so glad that we did, as John and Leslie have become friends of ours.  Thank you so much


Lucy Loo

We love Lucyloo and are so happy to have her as part of our family.  She is a delight and such a loving cat.  She is also very patient as the kids are constantly loving on her and carrying her around.  She likes to drink from the potty, play the piano and sit by the computer and try to attack the cursor on the screen!  WE JUST LOVE HER!!!

Thanks for checking on her.  She is doing well and is quite spoiled!  

and months later... Lucy Loo continues to thrive and be an active member of the family.  She thoroughly enjoyed the holidays (especially attempting to wreck the Christmas tree!) and is looking forward to her first birthday next month.  The kids are planning her QUITE a party.  Needless to say.... Lucy Loo is one lucky cat! :)

Merry Merry is now our sweetie and we call her Buffie so that it goes with her big sister Bootsie.  Buffie is 5 and Bootsie is 6 and they get along very good. We are working on the potty part as she is afraid when she goes out.  She would tremble with fear when we first got her but she is part of the family now.  We had a contest on Christmas with our children and grandchildren for a new name and Buffie was chosen. 
Sandy Sandy, now Ben, is terrific.  He is right at home with us.  We are retired, so he is rarely alone and seems to love being part of our "pack."  Ben has a lot of energy, so he keeps me walking everyday which is good for both of us.  He loves to go for car rides and has fun chasing the squirrels out of the yard, which is his official job.  He's great with kids and other dogs.  A really nice dog, that's for sure.  I've attached a few recent photos

Charlie Charlie has been SUCH a wonderful blessing to us! He is such a sweet soul and filled with love and the desire to please us. He enjoys "sniffing" over all 6 acres of our land on his daily walks...and gets the run of the house the rest of the time.  Charlie loves to go camping and so far has visited Pigeon Forge (many, many times), plus he's been to Myrtle Beach---the sand was a special treat for him. He absolutely loves to go for a ride and we even bought a golf cart for him, because he fell in love with one we rented while camping.  I just wanted to give you a special word of encouragement because the mission you have at Wags N Whiskers is a noble and important one. You have brought our family much love and joy.

Lucky still loves to run, fetch his ball, and play tug-of-war with his rope. Since coming to live with us, he has begun many new hobbies such as chasing our three children, sleeping in our oldest son's bed, barking at everything, digging holes in the flower beds, and chasing deer from our yard. However, the one pastime that gives him the most joy is rolling around in the cow manure in the field next to our house!! Rest assured, Lucky is a very happy, well adjusted boy. He has become a very dear member of our family. We all love him and can't imagine him not being ours. Thank you so much for bringing us together.


Blue Eyes Now named Sirius, she's been the best addition to our family. Her personality is so great and full of spunk and mischief. She loves playing with kids, especially my baby boy Rohan. She's always with Rohan and when she's not she's on my desk helping me out, lol. We all love her and spoil her rotten
Thumbelina We have had the best time getting to know Thumbelina.  Needless to say she was the highlight of everyone's Christmas, especially Amber's.  She has given our family a lot of excitement and fun.  Our biggest obstacle has been her chasing our bigger dogs who run and hide like a puppy! It is a sight to see. They are getting used to each other and are building a bond already.  She sleeps in her crate in Ambers room next to her bed and wakes Amber every morning with puppy kisses! Amber said she just couldn't believe Santa brought her this puppy it is the best ever!
Flopsie Flopsie, now Abby, is getting settled very well, and even starting to torment her older brother, Bailey the cat. She still doesn't like getting into her crate at ALL, but we're working on it. I tried to leave her out for about 30 minutes on Christmas Eve while I visited the neighbors, and came home to one of my work shoes destroyed, so heigh ho, heigh ho, it's in the crate she goes. :-) She loves bones, runs around flailing and grinning in the back yard when we go out to play, and doesn't let me out of her sight. I have us signed up for obedience classes starting in January - we're on the waiting list, but they're optimistic we'll make it in. She finally ventured into the rest of the house after a day or so.... The cat would sit in the bathroom doorway in the hallway and hiss at her every time she stepped into the hallway. lol So it took an extra day or so for her to explore those rooms, convinced the cat was going to come after her.

Melonie, now Mackenzie, is doing very well, the picture shows her favorite spot in our house.  She gets along well with our other dogs.  She is still very shy with people but we are working on it.  We love her very much and are so glad she found her way up to Massachusetts!



Dixie & Delta Delta and Dixie are an absolute joy. They have settled in - and have become a bit spoiled.  They both enjoy their walks and Delta can make the big loop now too. She has slimmed down really well and both of their coats look fabulous. Delta spends her day by my side and Dixie will go between Jeff and I. We love having them as part of the family! Thanks for allowing us to add the girls to our family!
Earlene Earlene is now Miley because she is always smiling and purring.   She loves attention and has a very sweet disposition.  You would not know she started out life as a feral kitten.  She has adapted very well.  Many thanks to the rescuers and foster parents.  She loves to play with the simplest of “toys”-such as the plastic wrap that goes over newspapers when it’s raining.   She loves her kitty condo and loves to play hide and seek.  Her favorite spot is under the covers of the bed where she likes to take naps.  As you can see she is the star in the family. 
Puggles Puggles, now Abbye Jane Turner just fell right into love with her new owners.   She is very spoiled and loved by all who meet her, everyone wants her. !!!! But she is definitely my baby and the joy of my life.  She always sleeps with someone in their bed, never alone or in the floor, she always goes bye with whoever is going, and is very protective of each of us, especially "ME", but at the same time is very persistent at what she wants when she wants!   She is a regular at the groomers, always taking pride in her hair and nails ... my husband says just like her owner! She loves to watch Tennessee games, and now gives 5 when ask too.  Abbye is most definitely the best I could have ever spent my money on, I love her so Much, I always look forward to waking up her snuggled up beside me. Thank you all so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt this wonderful beautiful baby !
Joni Her name is now Zoey and she is doing great. She has gotten so big. She thinks she has more lab in her than pointer and is the best lil' ole thing. She’s my baby. Gets along great with my other dog. They clean each other’s faces. She never gets into anything she shouldn’t and when she goes to do something that I don't  want her to I just say " Zoey…no" and she stops immediately.
Mickey & Bobby

My Baby Girl is in the back.  Mickey, now Weezy, and Bobby now Velcro ('cause he sticks to me).  They are happy and healthy, and my life is so much happier for having them live with me. Thanks. 



We renamed Demi as Scarlet Gray. She is wonderful. She has a brother named Presley and she loves to sleep, eat, cuddle and play. We love her.




Tipper is doing great! We have been in our new house with him since May and he is loving it.




Maude (formerly Cocoa)  is blissfully happy with us here in Bedford, NY I believe. She is always either with me at work or with Chris at the farm. She has tons of friends dogs, horses and people and everyone loves her. Here is a picture of her looking very elegant! Thanks again, Chris and I are very happy dog parents of Maude. 


  Dudley, now Dooley , captured our hearts immediately and became the missing link in our family chain. His energy and sweet personality brings us more joy than we could have hoped for. Dooley sleeps on Hannah's bed each night. During the day, Dooley has the run of our two-story house. He keeps us company, moving from room to room with our daily activities. He has learned our different personalities. He entertains us by playing with his toys . Our family has discussed many times what a great job everyone did in rescuing Dooley; providing him with vet care; and loving him. We see this daily and are so truly grateful for all the care & kindness shown to him. We feel blessed to have Dooley as part of our family. 

Jewel, now Missy, is busy training us to be her loving servants. It took her 3 or 4 days to convince herself that there is no other animal in this house, but now she freely goes wherever she chooses and has learned to flop down on any rug when she wants to be petted, rubbed, scratched, etc. Just don't pick her up!. In time she will let us but not yet. We three, Bill, Missy and me, are leaving the end of next week for our home in Florida. We don't anticipate any problems since she is happy with us and we are happy with her. She has had her final worming and the Vet said she is a healthy 10+lb cat.

Marlowe Marlowe, now Barney, is adjusting to life with his new family very well.  He was shy and cowered a lot when we first brought him home, but he is beginning to learn that he is safe in his forever home.  He gets along well with our daughter Juliet and cat named Pepper.  Juliet and I take him for walks a couple of times a day and he has grown quite fond of my shoes and Juliet's books :).  I love the evenings when he just wants to snuggle in my lap. He really is a little lover and a joy for everyone in the family.
Barney Barney loves playing with our rat terrier Bella and he spends most of his days sniffing all around the yard.  He is a happy boy.
Diesel Diesel has been the perfect complement to my menagerie. He has a big heart and wants only to please everyone he meets. This is a picture of him in his favorite place to sleep.....my bed!
Duffer Duffer - now 'Buddy' is having a blast on his first road trip to meet his cousins, my sister's dogs.  We are socializing him with other adults, children and dogs.  His first vet visit went well, too.  He sure grows fast!   Thanks for asking how he is doing and God bless your work.
Pickles Of course, Pickles is doing great! She loves the other cats and the spitting at the dogs is no longer coming from her lower bowels. At times, it even seems to be more of a hiss than a genuine spit. Attached is a picture of Pickles and someone else, don't have my glasses on to  tell.

Bubba is thriving and is my constant companion... he became a member of the family from day one. He loves everyone he meets and is a joy to be around. He loves to ride inside the truck with me and even sings a song when he knows we're almost home! He has made friends with Gidget, my daughters dog...even though we didn't think she could make friends with anyone!  Thanks for checking in...I am so glad I brought Bubba home. 



Nattie Nattie is doing very well.  She is great at running our household.  Her new brother's name is Tucker and they get along well.  Tucker has adopted her as his own kitten and gives her a bath frequently.  She has taught him how to play again (he is about 4 -5 years old and we got him from the Humane Society in Bremerton, WA about 4 years ago).  They sleep in the same recliner frequently and on the same bed.  I am amazed at how they took to each other after the first couple days.  We are enjoying and loving her very much and her name is still Nattie.   We are so happy we adopted her.

Silver, now Bella, is such a great little girl. The first 2 nights we had her, she slept in the pet bed I had bought for her. The 3rd night she made it to the bedroom and has slept at the foot of the bed on my side since then.  The top part of her little tail did not have much hair on it when we adopted her...now it is very full.  

She loves to go out on the deck and sun bathe. She doesn't stay out too long....she gets too warm, with her long fur and chunky belly. I'm so thankful that the people who tried to adopt her first, brought her back. I knew she was meant to be with me.  Thank you for still being interested in Bella (Silver's) progress....We hope many more animals get good homes through Wags and Whiskers.




Charlie….now just over two years old. Can’t believe he’s the same little guy Mom found wandering on the road. He has turned out to be a beautiful, BIG, sweet tempered lad. Brad still won’t let me live it down that I told him he probably wouldn’t be more than 40 lbs…..he’s probably closer to 60. Soooo what’s 20 lbs? Charlie always loves to go for rides and to go fishing with Brad. Even gets his Omega’s now and then. He’s also very interested in our new chickens. Every time I walk outside he heads for the chicken hut.



Casey is doing great. She gives me joy every day and gets along very well with my other dog. She is funny, playful lovable and a happy dog.   Thank you for her and for all you do to help give  these beautiful animals a good life.


Paris Paris is wonderful. She is just a delight. She loves to sleep on my desk. She and Stanley (our 5 yr old cat) are getting along. Stanley tolerates Paris - Paris LOVES Stanley.  She loves to sleep with us and we even woke one morning and she was between us with her head on the pillow.  Thank you for steering us toward this wonderful kitty.
Fancy & Felicity Just wanted to jot a note or two regarding the two kittens I adopted from you in February of this year.  I renamed them Fric and Frac because you never see one without the other.  They have grown very large and love to lay around in the window sills while open to watch the hummingbirds fly about.  They travel very well with us back and forth to Tennessee from Michigan and I also want to thank you for all the helpful hints on travelling with them.  Thank you so much for all your hard work with saving these stray animals so people like myself can adopt them.

Missy, now Jeannie, has been with us about a year.  I think she is going to keep us!  She has been a real challenge but we love her dearly.  Her behavior has improved immensely.  She will always be a pistol, though!  She and Buddy Boy are still like oil and water, but they love each other and get along well.



She has a very loving and playful personality and we are getting along famously.  She won't be 3 months old till the 29th, but already, she is at least 3/4 of the way housebroken and knows many commands.  I have an outside cat "Taffycat" - Goldie has a buddy to chase and play with.  Loves her new bed and toys - especially Bugs.  She has a brown silk adjustable collar with small pink polka dots on it.  Everyone that has met Goldie loves her.  When the doorbell rings, or when I have visitors, Goldie happily greets everyone.  And she loves to entertain!


Shadow The "Shadow" from you is now BOY BLUE and he has been a joy.  He is the cat's meow for sure as he is the only one beside myself here...he is treated like a child and acts like a 2 yr. old---He has grown a lot.  Thanks for your help.
Roxie Roxie is doing fine.  As all Blue Healer's she has her days of being a little instigator.  She walks on a leash and gets 2 walks of about 2 miles each with a couple of shorter ones.  On the weekend she gets one extra, about 3 miles.  We have learned that the breed has to always be active and we have devised a few "find the treat challenges".  I could always use some ideas for more.  Now the 5:30A wake up could stop but I figure she picks up on the fact that I wake up most days at that time.  My husband is also enjoying the "young" dog and the extra exercise is doing him good.  I work at Curves in the afternoon so I already got enough exercise.   As you can see she is filling out nicely.
Cha Cha She is doing great.  She has been a great addition to the family, making best friends with Sox, our Husky/Border Collie mix and making sure Sox gets more exercise.  Cha Cha made fast friends with all of our dogs and cats.  At first, we thought we would just foster Cha Cha...Eddie insisted we had a big enough family.  At our first and only adoption fair nobody paid any attention to Cha Cha.  No one asked about her, petted her or even read her story; they just passed her by.  People favored the puppies or dogs who appeared to be full breed.  Although Eddie and I think all pets are beautiful, I'm afraid most people thought Cha Cha was a tad homely. It was very sad but we soon realized it was a sign that she was meant to be with us. We are grateful to have Cha Cha and grateful that Wags and Whiskers continues its work in our communities. Thank you for all you do.
KT KT is doing great and fitting in with our other 7 dogs just perfect! Her favorite spot is either on the couch or our bed:)

We are very grateful for all Wags & Whiskers does to help find loving homes.


Amber Ms Amber is as "blonde" as ever LOL  Ms Ambee -dextrous !
Dooley Dooley, now Sam, and our older cat Abby have made friends and play together.  We've even found them curled up asleep  together.  Sam still plays like a kitten and is a real sweetheart.  Here are our two Wags and Whiskers cats, Abby and Sam.

Thanks again for taking me to Pharo (now Hunter)  him…..he is the one for Hemi, like brothers… He is wonderful, getting along with Hemi very nicely.  Hemi is the big brother and lets him know that, and he is just loving on me too! LOL In the picture, Hunter is checking out my office, Hemi is checking him out!


Ace We are happy to report that Ace, now "Boots", is doing just fine here in cool Canton, Ohio.  He quickly became acclimated to the house, his litterbox and his new Maltese brothers!  I did take him directly to his litterbox and then told him, "Don't ever, ever think outside the box!"  He is loved by us and all who meet him. He's got a great disposition!  The collar officially makes him a Buckeye. Go scarlet & gray!

We did change Honey's name to Liberty "Libby" since she was adopted on the 4th of July.  She is a WONDERFUL dog!! She is adapting very well and is making many new friends.  We just love her!  She is the red dog in the picture.  Thanks again for helping us find our new little girl.


Bert &


We LOVE them. They are still absolutely the cutest puppies ever but they are BIG boys.  Ernie is about 85 pounds and we are not sure if he will ever stop growing, and Bert is a little smaller at 75 pounds.  They both think they are little lap dogs though.  They get along great with their siblings Sally and Willis (2 cats) and they even pet the cats when they are tired.  We trained them in puppy class and they were just so smart and their teachers were very proud of them.    They really were the best present to get after driving the 9 hours each way to pick them up. 
Phaero Here is our little black Phaero and Spike (now Buddy/adopted June '08).  As you can see they are good friends...partners in crime!   Phaero is quite a character!  He is also very loving and intelligent.  I'm thinking he is some kind of Oriental Shorthair according to what I read. He has adapted well to us, and is very jealous when we 'babysit' mom and dad's cats....This is HIS house now!!!   These 2 bring us much joy and laughter!!   Thanks to you all for all you do for the pets!!! 
Cocoa Cocoa is doing well! She's got the knack of basic obedience, but we're still working with on leash manners. The goal is to be able to walk her off leash someday...... soon...... :)  She is still cute as can be, and is still vocal at times. She's got a good demeanor about her when barking though. If she is startled she may bark two times to alert someone and that's the end of it. So she's playfully vocal! She likes to backtalk though. When we are working with her and she doesn't feel very cooperative she will obey the command with a long grunt or huff. Sooooo Cute! I have to say she had a great start in life with her foster family! She's got an awesome demeanor!
Faye Faye is wonderful! We have named her Squeaky because that is what she does instead of meowing. She is so well behaved. Loves to sit on your lap and be brushed. From the very first day we brought her home, she has fit right in. Thanks so much for being there for animals like her.
Little Britches My family and I are so thrilled to have Little Britches (Now Bella). She is fitting in with our family faster than we expected! What a loving little girl she is! She is already bonding with each of us including our dog Wizzer. They are becoming fast friends. She has made me realize how much we have missed having a cat in our family! I am so happy to be able to give this loving girl a forever home where she is loved. Thanks you so much for giving us this opportunity. 

He is doing great and I am loving having him around!  His name is now Snickers, and he is a little ball of energy.  Thank you for all that you do for animals like him, and for allowing me to bring him home!




Harley, now Bentley, is doing great!  We were not planning on getting another puppy but about four months ago God placed another rescue pup in our hands (Chyna).  She has been a true blessing to Bentley.  When we brought her home she was only 5 weeks, and we were a little nervous about how gentle Bentley would be with her.  We were amazed at his insight and ability to be so careful with her.  He is such a sweet boy and loves her unbelievably as you can see in the picture!!   

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to provide him with a home!


Reuben, now Taz, is a little devil going through his toddler months now.   Such a riot to keep up with.  We are thoroughly enjoying having him.  All three of our cats fought for space under the Christmas tree this year.  They love sleeping under the tree.   Santa brought him a dozen of the crinkle balls that he just loves to bat around the house.  He's best friends with our Dog, Chomp.  They chase each other and rough house around one minute and then are sleeping together the next.  He is obsessed with anything fleece (the really fuzzy, soft kind of fleece).  As soon as he feels the fleece, he stops and begins doing push pulls until he lays down.  He's doing well and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Elvis Elvis, now Jupiter, is growing like a little weed and loves everyone in the family, including our fussy tortoise shell kitty and our fuzzy other kitty, our big labrador and our ducks, chickens and bunny.  Joop now weighs 9 pounds and is 21 inches long (with a 12-inch tail!) and you can see in the photo that he's bigger than big sissie now!  We love him a lot and he's a sweet, happy, and loving little fellow.  I'm so glad we found him.
Bella and Bonnie Bella and Bonnie (now Blue) are doing GREAT!  We love every minute with them.  They are sweet and affectionate.  Whoever mothered them did a great job.  I removed Blue's stitches myself (I had done it once before on a dog, so felt comfortable making the effort), busy little Bella removed her own.  They have both healed beautifully.  They have a visit with the vet this week for shots and a once over.
Khloe Khloe came to our home completely house broken and very happy. It was obvious to me that she received a lot of love and care from you. She is fitting in really well. The cold climate and the snow we recently had does not seem to bother her. Our family cannot be happier. We love her playful spirit and how pleasant she is.
Buddy Buddy has been a great addition to the Miller family. He is completely house broken and loves to play with the kids. We did have a few accidents in the beginning but that's to be expected. He has done great in his cage no problems. We do have another dog Roscoe (outside dog) and they get along great. They run and play with each other. My husband kids me and says he's my dog because if I move he moves. We all love him very much. We plan to go camping in the spring and plan on taking him with us. Thank you for letting us adopt Buddy. He is a great addition to our family.
Bo He LOVES to swim in the lake and chase birds and rabbits in our back yard! It is so fun to watch how much he has grown and how fast he has gotten.  He has such a great personality and our family adores him!  Being curious about everything, he really enjoys going to the park and walking on trails.  It's so funny to watch that tail straighten out and that front paw tuck under when he is onto a scent! He really enjoys it here and I am so happy to have the perfect dog for our family. I know I've said it 100 times, but thank you so much everything.  We are very grateful to have Bo.

Just wanted to tell you what a delight Dixie (now Pixie) has been!  She handled the 10 hour drive to Florida very well.  Now that we are home, she has settled in as if she has lived here her whole life!  She is such a gentle soul and we just love her!  I couldn't ask for an easier dog to take care of.  Our kids adore her and they love it that she sleeps with them at night.  It's been particularly heartwarming to watch her with Jake, our child with cerebral palsy.  She comes to say "good morning" to him every day when we go to get him up.  She also sits in his lap and Jake has begun to use his hands in a new way to pet her.  Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.   

6 months later .....We are still loving Pixie!  In fact, 6 months in, we can't imagine life without her!  Everyone who comes to our home comments on what a sweet dog she is.  She is so smart and has fit perfectly with our family since she is such a cuddler! 

Vera For the first day or two, Nellie (Vera) insisted on spending all her time in the basement.  Then she got braver and started coming to the top of the basement steps, then some exploring out into the house.    Presently, she dashes around the house, spends hours batting a little plastic ball or a ratty little mouse around.   When one of us goes to some other part of the house she generally will follow along to see what is happening.  At this point, by any measure, I believe one must say that she has integrated herself well into the family. 

Hello My name is Scooter Jacobsen you knew me by the name of Caleb, that is what I was called at my foster home by my foster mom, Doris, who took real good care of me 'till My new mom and dad took me home with them.

My foster mom has a very special love she gives to all us Kittens and I am very thankful for her, we kittens need many more people like her.

My new mom and dad are adjusting quite well with me around  , They shower me with love and toys and play with me.  I even sleep with them (sometimes) they wiggle to much or snore too loud so I find somewhere else to sleep.   

Bill Bill has been re-named Haku, and has been a wonderful addition to our family. He especially loves to cuddle our faces in the middle of the night and attack our toes from under the comforter.  He loves to watch coffee brew and to help Chris on the computer.  He smiles at us all the time!
Emma Emma is a wonderful puppy, and companion.  She is learning some manners and will sit on command.  I knew in my heart, when I saw her first picture, that she was going to be my new puppy.  I had been grieving for six months over losing my yellow lab, Heidi, last October...and Emma has filled a very large void with puppy love and kisses.
Ike He is a real love bug
Jolene &


They are doing just fine and we love them very much. They are sooooo much fun to watch. We are soooooo glad that we decided to take both of them. They are inseparable.....We did not change their names even though they have not learned their names yet, we are working on that. Sometimes I get a little tongue tied with the J's



Katie My new mom and dad adopted me in March and I love my new forever home.  It took a while for my new kitty-sister to like me, but now we play chase the kitty through the house.  I feel really lucky to have my new home and want to thank you for making me available for them to adopt me.  I’m HAPPY. 
Iris Iris, now Gracie Iris, is a very welcome addition to our family. She is such a sweet-natured cat and we just love her! She is shy, but overcoming that at a good pace. She is currently a "Momma's girl," but my husband is quite sure he can change that by bribing her with treats as often as possible. The boys (Tyler-15, Trevor-5) love Gracie Iris dearly and the little one calls her his little sister. Gracie recently brought us a "present" of a dead mouse. She was very proud of herself and we were very proud of her, too. We are so pleased to have adopted Gracie into our home and family. Adopting a rescue pet has been a wonderful experience and we recommend it to others thinking adding a pet to their homes. Thank you for this experience.
Savana As you can see, Pandi (Savanna) has adapted very well to our home, especially to our Calicat. She is such a jewel...such a wonderful and loving personality. Thank you for the privilege of adopting her and for all the great work that you guys do.

Kelsey is doing great!!  She fits right in and we could not have found a better dog for our family.  We were happy to rescue...and pray more people do the same.  These pets need a good loving home and we feel blessed to have Kelsey join our family.  We've attached a couple of photos just to show how well she has adjusted!!!  Thanks again for such a beautiful dog.


Mini Mac Our little handful is doing great! We have been working really hard to house break and crate train him. Everyone loves him and he gets along with people and animals so well.  My kitties are still getting used to him but he loves to chase them..it's quite funny. I can't tell you how happy we are since he has gotten here. We haven't slept much but it is well worth it! I love him so much.


Andy, now called Monkee, is the delight of my daughter and husband's life in Virginia.  He wakes them up every morning, loves to play in the bathtub and thinks snowflakes are something to play with. They enjoy and love him dearly. He is 8 pounds now and loves to play and snuggle with my daughter, which she wanted a cat to do. She thanked me just yesterday for picking out such a great cat. We appreciate the work you are doing and hope you will continue.




Harley is doing great!  We did decide to rename him Bentley mainly for his adorable bent ear. We enjoy him so much!!!!  He is so smart and funny.  He has a big sister, Kona, a German sheppard, who has a lot of fun with him also.  When he first came home with us, he was so small and she would play so gently with him.  

He is such a pleasure and has so far been staying out of trouble.  We took him to the vet for his follow up shots, etc about two or three weeks ago and he weighed 50 lbs.  I am sure he is up to 55 now.  Growing like a weed!  We keep telling him that he may get too big to lay in front of the fire at this rate. 

Thank you for what you did for him while you had him.  What you do is a wonderful thing!!!! 

Gustav Gus is such a joy- Frank has been working with him and has learned many new things.

Gwen (now Siren) is doing great.  It took a few days to adjust but she's friendly as all get out now. Very affectionate and playful.  She and my other cat are still not close, but they just leave each alone most of the time.


Bubbles & Buckley Thanks for letting us adopt these two beauties.  They are doing fine and have developed a "team chess" game!!  
Kris Kris is very FAT & sassy and sleeps with me every night.   He fits into our lives just perfectly.

Wednesday is now Molly.  She is sitting here on the bed with me as I write this.  I think that if she could say so, she would tell you that she loves her new home, brother Mason (our 2 1/2 year old beagle), her mom, and her dad.  She has adjusted nicely to our family.  Mason loves having a buddy to play with, and now that she is bigger, they play rough and tough. 

I am so pleased that we adopted Molly.  She has fit into our family very well, and it's hard to imagine life without her.  Thank you to Wags and Whiskers!  My husband Steven and I thank you for your efforts and willingness to find great homes for abandoned animals.

Millie Millie is happy, healthy, and quite the trouble maker. She gets along great with my two dogs and was/is a wonderful addition to our family.
Minnie & Fancy

The girls are wonderful!  They have adjusted into my household without any problems and they now rule the house.  I am so glad that I decided to adopt Minnie and Fancy.  They have provided hours of entertainment.  They are currently transitioning from the high-energy kitten phase to the more mature phase. I can now spend my time cuddling with them instead of trying  to get them off the top of the fridge (Minnie has kept me on my toes).  I  find myself enjoying them a little more each day.  They are such a great part of my family.

Izzie & Odie

They have grown!!!...and we love 'em!  What a great addition Alvin (the grey one), and Adams (the orange tabby) have made to our crew.  Alvin is currently twice the size of Adams, but Adams holds his ground and is the best hunter of the two.  We also have an 8 year old Golden Retriever, and the same age tortoise shell cat (who is a snob).  Everyone sleeps in the same bed ... in a heated and air conditioned garage.  We don't spoil them much. They are all healthy and happy.  Thanks for your inquiry and everything.


Shellie A few pictures of Shelly.  Her 1st Christmas pictures!  I couldn't have gotten a better pet, thank you ! And happy holidays




Her name is now Sweetie Pie and she sure is a sweetie.  She thinks she is the Queen of the house and acts like she knows it too.  She has been a real blessing to us and we thank you for letting us be part of her life.  She is a family member and not a pet to us.  We love her very much. You would never know that she has only has (3) legs and I think she doesn't know it either.  The vet said we must keep her at 7 lbs or under so she doesn't put too much strain on her other hind leg.  She is doing find with her weight and just like a woman she has to diet once in awhile to keep her girly shape.


Sir Thurston

Thurston has fit into the family great.  He is very protective and easy  with the kids and they absolutely adore him.  Kody loves "training" him  and Josie just likes to feed him treats.  She'll go to the closet reach  for them and say "dog".  Thurston is a good boy and we are very lucky to  have him.  Thank you!!



Hoochie Cootchie & Heidi We just love them and so did our Thanksgiving Day company from Illinois.  My grandson's wife was afraid of cats until she saw these two and held them and played with them.  Now they've adopted one and my son has adopted two.  My daughter-in law thought she, too, was afraid of cats. 
Gracie We want to tell you that Gracie has become a wonderful member of our family.  She has grown quite a bit but still has the heart of gold she showed us when we picked her up.  She still has a little shyness in the kennel when we leave her for a few days.  Enclosed is a picture of Gracie and her pal Brandy who belongs to my daughter in Houston.  They are great friends and visit every few months.  Thanks again and thanks for keeping in touch.
Elvis Elvis is now named Jupiter (Joop) and he's charming his way into good relationships with the rest of the family here (the big kitties are the hardest)!  He gave the vet a souvenir scratch while getting his vaccinations. He's having a great time racing around the house with his fuzzy toys, raiding the trash cans for paper balls, and deciding whether he prefers sleeping with us under the covers or on top!

Our little Yager is wonderful and gets along good with big brother Shelby, he does not leave Shelby's side. He is still timid and adjusting to the good life. He knows how to use the doggie door but does not realize yet that he needs to use it when it is potty time not just to go out and play in the yard. He loves all the chewies and the squeaky toys and the shoes with laces if we leave them in sight. He sleeps on a big pillow at the foot of our bed and he cries if I shut him out of the bathroom when I shower.


Luke Luke, now Sam, is absolutely wonderful. He is a beautiful 65 pound pup still, and we love everyday with him! We're actually considering buying another German shepherd soon so Sam has a friend, because he loves to play with other dogs! We couldn't be happier, and he is our baby.

I renamed him Hemi and he is doing wonderful.  He really is loving his new home and is a great companion.  Thank you for checking on him.  It is wonderful to know that someone really cares about him as much as I do.



Jack & Sadie

Jack and Sadie are doing fine.  They play together all the time and Jack loves the lake.  They are both sleeping through the night!!  All is well.  Thanks again for your devoted work.


We adopted Lily (Morticia), one of the Beagle mixes found in the cemetery. You had told us when we adopted her that you wanted to know if she ever got over 30 pounds. Well...... as of last week, she was weighing in at 33 pounds! She's a VERY healthy puppy, and although she is still very much a Beagle, she's a little bit longer and more leggy than a purebred. She also has one long tongue !! She is adorable, and she is the best puppy. She's fit into our family so well, and we are just so thankful for ya'll helping us find her. She's still a bit of a chewer, and she can destroy a knotted rope toy in about a week! She's a  snuggler and loves curling up for a nap. She's very social with people and other dogs, and she loves to ride and go camping.


We have fallen in love with her already.  She is such a cutie pie.  She loves to be with you but is also ok with staying by herself.  She likes her crate and sleeps and eats in her crate.  We try to keep her in the house most of the time since we are still house training.  She has only had one accident in the last three/four days.  She was at the groomer's yesterday and the picture shows her new 'doo'.  The groomer said that she has some fur on her legs but most of her seems to be hair.  Hopefully, our allergies will not be bothered by her.


Flower Thank you so much for sending us Flower.  We are having a great time with her.  Both of our families have met and absolutely love her.  She's such a doll!  She's having lots of fun playing in the back yard.  Every day she finds something new.  At the end of the day, she's a great cuddler and loves taking naps with her daddy.  Thanks for everything.
Mack We renamed our Puggle "Tater", and he was supposed to be my husband's dog, but is the biggest Mama's boy you've ever seen!  He follows me EVERYWHERE and looks up at me with his huge underbite, which makes him "smile".  You couldn't ask for a sweeter, nicer dog. So mellow and mild mannered.  Thanks again for helping us get such a wonderful family pet. We adore him!  He and our Chihuahua are best friends.
Rorey I've had Jack (formerly Rorey) for almost a year now. He loves to go to the park and play Frisbee and play tag around the house. He also loves stuffed animals (which he promptly un-stuffs.) and anything that reflects light. His energy level and desire to play 24/7 was hard to get used to but now things don't seem right if he's not around. My whole family loves Jack and always talks about how sweet and well behaved he is. I am so blessed to have Jack, thank you for allowing him to become a part of our family.
Emma We love little Emmy like crazy!!  She is a wonderful pet.  She is very smart and easy to train, she is a pleaser!!  She is very loyal to her family and doesn't go far from our sides inside and out.  She has recently found her bark and it is quite cute as she hides between my legs and barks at strangers and other dogs!!  She is enjoying her big yard and loves to run and play with the kids.  Thank you so much for loving her so we could have her now.
Elvis He is quite a dog.  Very active and loving.  We are so happy with him.  He loves the outdoors and playing with sticks and leaves.  He's so funny.

We are enjoying Ember (Curly) as a new member of our family.  Yes, we're experiencing those normal problems of "house" training.   Ember has been  playing with a large 9 yr. old chocolate Lab we're taking care of for a  while.  She has shown how entertaining and playful she can be with the lab  who is not always interested in playing.  Still, they are quite a pair and  right now, both, are sleeping quietly at my feet.


Lefty Lefty (now Bucky) is just the most fabulous dog EVER. I have taught him so many cool tricks, such as sitting up like a chipmunk and playing "patty-cake" with me. He's riot! Obedient, smart, playful and we have our household routine down to a science. He guards the "castle and the queen" in a very dutiful manner, and he absolutely adores my cat. Imagine that! Thank you so much for bringing Bucky into my life - he is a joy!
Spooky I adopted Onyx (formerly Spooky) her on Christmas Eve.  She was named Spooky since she was afraid of people she didn't know but when we met it was magic. Christmas magic I suppose.  She came right out of her carrier and into my lap.  She purred and rubbed and couldn't get enough petting.  There has never been a moment since that she would hesitate to come to me, though she does hide from visitors at first.  She is a joy to have and I thank you for rescuing her and allowing me to adopt her.
Tinkerbelle She is doing wonderful. Look how she has grown. She loves our Yellow Lab, Boomer to death and they play together all day & night. They are best of friends and have full run of the house and our fenced yard. Both sleep in the bed with us too. We have very spoiled rotten dogs as you can tell. She is just wonderful. She got over her skin condition she had really bad when we first got her and she is up to date on all her shots. She is just the best! We love her to death.
Whiskers Whiskers has become part of our family.  He has gotten so big since we adopted him.  It is hard to believe that he was so small when we first adopted him in Crossville at Thanksgiving.  He is absolutely spoiled rotten and loves it.
Tinker Tinker is living in a nursing home and doing great.  The residents are spoiling her rotten, which is exactly what they are supposed to do. Her hair has almost grown back on her tail and tips of her ears. She has had her teeth cleaned and her breath smells 100% better when she is kissing you!

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