Wags and Whiskers 
Spay / Neuter Advocates

Spay and Neuter Financial Assistance Program

"You pay what you can and we pay the rest"

Note:  At the present time, due to lack of funds, we are only able to put you on a waiting list

How it works:

  • Call 931-788-2201 (Alan or Jackie) and ask for spay / neuter assistance

  • If we have funds available, they will decide which grant we can use and they may ask you for your last year's family income and the number of people in your family

  • They will also ask you how much you will be able to pay toward the surgery.  This is the co-pay which will be collected by our volunteer when you pick up your voucher.

  • They will then ask you to call our participating veterinary office to make an appointment for your pet's surgery.

  • When you have that appointment, you will call them back with that information.

  • They will create a voucher for each of your animals

  • You will pick up those vouchers in Crossville at the Crossville Outlet Mall (in the hall in front of the Pet Supply World store) between 11 am and 1 pm on Wednesdays or Saturdays. You will be asked to pay the agreed co-pay at that time.  

  • You must pick these up on a Wednesday or Saturday that is at least ten (10) days prior to the appointment (on a Wednesday or Saturday) or your appointment will be cancelled and any special promotion that you were given will be lost.

  • You will take your animal and those vouchers to the vet's office on the morning of the appointment and pick it up in the late afternoon, the same day (males) or the next morning (females).

  • Your pet will receive a rabies vaccination and it's spay or neuter surgery.  Dogs can get a heartworm test for an additional $16 at your option. Cats can get a Feline Leukemia / FIV test for an additional $24 at your option.  Dog or Cat vaccinations are also available at your option for $20.

  • Wags and Whiskers will pay the veterinarian for the full amount of the surgery and rabies vaccination.  

  • The certificate and any agreement for Wags and Whiskers to pay for anything are null and void if tail docking, ear cropping or any other mutilating procedure is to be done at the time of the spay or neuter surgery.

This assistance is made possible through donations from 
individuals and grants from other organizations.  
Click here to learn more about these partners.


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