About the Author:

Barbara Gardner is a biologist, researcher and writer whose friends asked her to write a book on aging after her 2004 publication of A Mother's Book of Love, a book for young women to understand their own biology.  The result is Red Wine, Chocolate, and Life After 40, published in the fall of 2008.

Ms. Gardner's broad background in medical research, microbiology diagnostics, industrial chemistry analysis, and education, as well as a small business owner and a bank executive gives her an unusual understanding of the problems women of all ages face.  

Ms. Gardner believes that when you understand what is going on, you can better manage your decisions and your life.  One goal for A Mother's Book of Love was to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies.  One goal for Red Wine was to make certain that women know their future still depends on what they do today.

Together, these two books cover the entire spectrum of womanhood and give the reader answers about a woman's body and mind no matter the age.