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Mary Kempf
Sharon Wachsler

Mary Kempf
copyright 2004


In the Environmental Protection Agency we trust

MCS Halloween

"Oh! You are more scary every year!"

MCS Visits the Doctor of Environmental Medicine

"OK. Doctor, I understand that I am to quit work, research, travel and test environments that are free of chemicals, molds and pollens. Then, I am to build or remodel a home with no formaldehyde, natural gas or electromagnetic fields. In the meantime, I strengthen my immune system with sauna detoxification, supplements, chemically free clothing and change to a 4 day rotation, anti-candida, and pesticide free diet of tolerated foods. I just have one question . . . "

"What part of being disabled, don't you understand?"

Time Out

A Small World

Sharon Wachsler's Sick Humor
MCS/EI Cartoons, Postcards and Humor.
With permission from the cartoonist, here's a sample of the most popular cartoon included in the "Best of Sick Humor" multi-pack. Buy your favorites and send postcards or cards!

For humor column:

2002 Sick Humor Postcards

Lighten the Load
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