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Gathering Stories
about Chemical Injury
"We hope these stories will allow you to be tolerant, if not to understand,
the physical and emotional stress and pain
of those suffering with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)."
Don Kempf, husband and father of MCS persons
August 2002
Gathering Stories Directory
Carbonless Copy Paper CCP
Electrical Sensitivity
Experience of MCS
Faith Healing
Natural Gas
Testing for Chemicals
Guidelines for Submission

Submissions are welcome! This space is open for first hand experience or perspective of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or Environmental Illness (EI)'s. Success stories and pictures wanted. See submission guidelines at the end of this page. E-mail to:

Gathering Stories Directory

Carbonless Copy Paper CCP
Carbonless Copy Paper and Pregnancy Risks
Mary. Office worker experiences multiple symptoms along with termination of preganancy.
Carbonless Copy Paper Health Risks
Anonymous MCS. Social worker faces many serious and disabling health problems, including damage to hands and skin.
Carbonless Copy Paper Regrets from Finland
M. Bank worker becomes disabled due to CCP expoures in Finland.
Dental Assistant
Dianne. Severe symptoms develop for Dental Assistant.
Dental Toxins
Anonymous Canary. MCS's condition worsens from dental materials. She shares information about safer materials and asks for souces of promising new materials. Also, other recommendations for materials for the not so ultra-sensitive.
The Influence of Dental Materials on EMF Sensitivities
Anonymous Canary. Dramatic and rapid improvement in EMF tolerance from removal of heavy metal dental materials.
Nightmare on Dental Biocompatible Street
J. J. MCS encounters frustrations getting answers to her questions and special MCS needs.
Disability, Returning to School and Student Loans
Mary Kempf. MCS shares experience gained from returning to school. What legal advice helped her with her difficulties getting student loans dismissed based on permanent and total disability.
Electrical Sensitivity
MCS Acquires Electrical Sensitivity (ES)
Mary Kempf. MCS of 18 years, acquires a new sensitivity. Expertise and commentary by an ES engineer.
The Influence of Dental Materials on EMF Sensitivities
Anonymous Canary. Dramatic and rapid improvement in EMF tolerance from removal of heavy metal dental materials.
Experience of MCS
Battling Seizures
Anonymous MCS. What goes on inside the mind of an MCS person experiencing a seizure.
Cancer, Radiation and Chemical Sensitivity
Marlena. Radiologist that suffered nearly fatal complications of radiation treatment for cancer, looks for answers about chemical sensitivity symptoms.
Care Packages Updated November 30, 2003
Mary Kempf. What "keeps me going" with MCS/EI.

Casualties of Progress : Personal Histories from the Chemically Sensitive, Alison Johnson (Editor) Paperback / MCS Information Exchange / January 2000.

Deeper than Skin Deep
Selene Anema, RN. How our skin connects us to our environment.

Goldenfire. Sharon, an MCS/EI, posts her story on this site.

I'm Not Crazy, I'm an EI
Annette Quintana. A personal essay of the MCS/EI experience.
MCS and Antidepressants
Sam. A story of caution.
MCS/EI Songs
Kim Palmer. A talented singer and songwriter portrays the experience of an extremely sensitive MCS/EI.

Ragged Edge Online. The New Refugees. Mary Frances Platt. I am a disabled woman traveling alone, camping out in isolated places and everyday campgrounds.

Today I Wiggled My Toes
Rosemarie Rivera. Chemically injured person shares the effects of her chemical injury and the event of a significant sign of healing.
Faith Healing
There Is a Time for Miracles
Rosemarie Rivera. An MCS person shares her positive experience with faith healing.
Faith Healing Considerations for MCS
Mary Kempf. This article shares first hand experience with faith healing, faith healing authors, and other related sources to help the MCS person who would like to work with a faith healer.
Hospitals Make Me Sick!
Peggy M. An MCS/CFIDS person uses her difficulty with hospital exposures to influence a progressive hospital to consider MCS patients' needs.
Natural Gas
The Dangers of Natural Gas. My Story.
Roxanne Bedford-Curbow. A person becomes chemically injured from natural gas. Learn about the dangers of misinformation and misdiagnosis of the toxic effects of natural gas.
Activist Story of Courage and Cunning
Anonymous MCS. A short story of one MCS activist's spontaneous walk into a pesticide operators' meeting.
Florist Chemicals
Anonymous. The journey begins to discover the cause of disabling symptoms.
"Hello, I am an Acceptable Risk"
Barbara Rubin. The acceptable risk of chemical injury in the workplace and governmental policy is questioned and analyzed by this chemically injured person. Read about flaws in research for the safety of pesticides.
Herbicide Applicator Is Chemically Injured
Anonymous. Herbicide applicator made ill from applying chemicals. The applicator was told the chemicals would not harm person or animal.
Herbicide and Pesticide Free Lawns: A Testimony
RK Simon, Ph.D. Lawns successfully maintained without toxic chemicals for generations.

Living with Chemical Injury. Barbara Rubin. Story of an MCS person that has been chemically injured by pesticides.

Pest Control Operator Poisoned from Pesticides
Steve Tvedten. He offers alternatives to poisons and detoxification.
Eating to Live. Selene Anema. An MCS person discovers the relationship between food allergy and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. How she succeeds in her recovery.
EI Mom
Cherry A story of an EI who gains some recovery.
Breathing Oxygen for MCS
Rita. How an MCS controls the many symptoms of exposures, which includes the benefits of oxygen.
How I Met the Man I Married
Mary Kempf. " . . . and How My Life Has Changed." An MCS story.
Neurontin for Pain and Other Helps
Mark. MCS who suffers from migraines shares success, tips and resources.
Tibetan Mediation Helps MCS and Incense Pollution
Wolfgang Keim. MCS person shares improvement from MCS symptoms with meditation techniques, and sites dangers of incense pollution connected to meditation practice.
Testing for Chemicals
Testing for Chemical Injury
Barbara Rubin. Chemically injured by pesticides, an MCS shares her knowledge and experience of toxicological testing as an aid for personal and legal protection.
UNCOMMON PRACTICE: A Doctor Who Listened. Donna M. Chavez, 2001 Editor’s Note: I met Dr. Randolph and wrote this story seven years ago. The good doctor has passed away, but I think his story is still compelling and inspiring. This was a story about a revolutionary, a mutineer on the ship of medicine.
MCS Painter Frustrations and Struggles
Carl Wood. Chemically injured painter of 21 years, describes new life with MCS and a trip to the toxicologist "expert."
Update includes comparison of MCS symptoms and those of a friend with Gulf War Syndrome. Updated February 27, 2002
MCS Protected at Work by "Nose Patrol"
Barbara Wilkie. How fellow workers helped an MCS person avoid exposure to fragrances in the workplace.
"Sick Building" Creates Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
Diana. Toxins entering through the workplace ventilation system was key in this woman's story.
Stepping Up to the Plate
Roxane. An MCS/EI story relates her experience, and makes an appeal for acceptance and understanding of MCS.

Toxic Teacher Syndrome. Online article researched and Written by Ronald J. Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O. "A 25 year old women begins her new career as a 2nd grade school teacher. . . "

The stories above represent the perceptions and experiences of the authors. They are not intended to recommend, draw conclusions, or denigrate any person, organization, practice, product, or procedure.

Gathering Stories Guidelines for Submission

All Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electrically Sensitive (MCS/ES) persons are invited to share their story here The story can be related in informal or formal style, but please review and follow these guidelines for submission.

Signature. Please specify whether or not you want to be posted as anonymous, first name only, or full name, and if you want your e-mail address posted. The e-mail address is not expected, but some authors prefer this option.

Content. The writing needs to reflect exactly what experience or facts you want to convey to other MCS/ES persons and the general public. Reading out loud can help discern the correct content.

Terminology. Technical terms or medical conditions should be explained in a way easily understood by all. For example,
“. . .urticaria, which is another type of skin reaction . . .” Spell out abbreviations (e.g. “NIOSH, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health”.)

Spelling. Speling needs to be cheked. Oops!

Link Function. All links furnished must be working links at the time of submission. Check all links prior to sending.

Proof and Approval. One proof will be e-mailed to you for minor corrections and for your approval.