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Help - Fast!
Emergency Information for the Chemically Injured
1 Medical Help
2 Emergency Pesticide Information
3 Patient's Guide for a Safer Environment
4 MCS/EI Counseling
5 Housing
6 Depression
7 Chemical Emergency Response Plans for Arizona

1 Medical Help

Referral Services
for a specially trained doctor or clinic near you . . .
American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM). We run a referral service out of the Central Office.
7701 East Kellogg, Suite 625, Wichita, Kansas 67207
Phone: (316-684-5500
Fax: (316) 684-5709
E-mail: Our referable physicians are listed on our web site.  We do not charge for these services.
MCS Referral and Resources. Professional outreach, patient support, and public advocacy devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, accommodation, and prevention of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorders
Doctors and Clinics
Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, P.A..(COEM) Allan Lieberman, M.D., Medical Director.
7510 Northforest Drive, North Charleston, SC 29420 USA Phone: 843-572-1600 Fax:843-572-1795

Enviromed. Dr. Dorothy Calabrese. Laguna Hills, CA. (Southern Califronia) Food Allergies, Allergies, & Testing.

Environmental Health Center (EHC). Dallas, TX. Clinic for MCS/EI. Allergy testing, Sauna Detoxification, Education, Nutrition. Phone: 214-368-4132.

Johnson Medical Associates. Richardson, TX. Experienced in environmental medicine, allergy, neurology and chronic illness. Site features "Ask the Doctor".

Doris J. Rapp, MD., F.A.A.A., F.A.A.P. Site features "spotting causes and symptoms," and other allergy and environmental information. Dr. Rapp is a board-certified environmental medical specialist and pediatric allergist. She is clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Rapp is the founder of the Practical Allergy Foundation in Buffalo and is a former President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Medical Information
Emerging Worlds. Infectious Causes of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Cancer. Gail H. Cassell, Lilly Research Laboratories, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Many MCS persons are susceptible to, and suffer from chronic illneses. These also need treatment to help suport the immune system.
For article:

New Zealand DermNet. Under Skin Conditions, information about many chemical and formaldehyde reactions, hair dye allergy, soaps, and detergents. Also patch test info for contact allergies to chemicals.

Treatment for MCS. Perceived Treatment Efficacy for Conventional and Alternative Therapies Reported by Persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Fragranced Products Information Network.

Online Toxicity Test - (Not a Substitute for a Medical Evaluation by a Licensed Physicain)
Learn More About Neurotoxins. Visit this site to raise your awareness of how neurotoxins can effect your health. You can take the Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) Exam and a risk assessment test, online, for $8.95. These tests assess the possibility of the presence of neurotoxins in your system. Neurotoxins can come from a variety of sources that includes Lyme Disease, Pfiesteria, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fungal Syndromes and Sick Building Syndrome.
2 Emergency Pesticide Information
Pesticide Hotline
If you know what peticide you are reacting to, use this line to report severe reactions or poisoning. Half-life information is available and can help determine seriousness of contaminations. Class of pesticide information determines what is most effective for cleanup. The reports are gathered to track the safety of EPA approved pesticides.
Poison Control. Call the number listed in your phone book. It is best, to have the specific name of the chemical(s) ready.
Editor's Note: I have found their information to be accurate and helpful.
Pesticide Poisoning- What to do. See this site "What to Do. . ."

Tox Free Inc. Insecticide contamination for home buyers. 1-800-704-1662. Information & support groups.

Just Say No To Pesticide Applications! Informed Choices
NCAMP National Coalition Against th Misuse of Pesticides.
Great directory to check your area for safe pest control operators. Add to the directory if you know an alternative operator or company, lots more info . . .
****Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides. NCAP. Journal of Pesticide Reform. Comprehensive articles of infromation and research on the toxicity of key pesticides available online. Information demonstrates the health danger to humans, animals, and environment. Click on Publications & Information: pesticide factsheets  (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) for information on Roundup, Dursban, Malathion, etc.
Safe Pest Eliminators Inc. Jerry Goodman, President. Call or write to 11338 S.W. 158th Place, Miami, FL. 33196 (305) 447-7152  (Florida Dept. Agriculture/Consumer Services License # JB4483, U.S. EPA Registration # 73340-1)
"The Bug Stops Here." Online, new free book by Steve Tvedten.
See also "PesticideAlternatives" page on this site for Questions and Answers

3 Patient's Guide for a Safer Environment

Share, Care, and Prayer Answer Line. For expertise on making safe environments for the chemically sensitive and the environmentally ill.

Staffed by:
Carolyn Gorman, M.A.
Weekly Hours Central Standard Time
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

There is no fee to consult with Carolyn on a myriad of subjects regarding Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. However, contributions are needed to cover this service. Please send your tax-deductible gifts as able to Share, Care, and Prayer, Inc., P.O. Box 2080, Frazier Park, CA 93225. Thank you.

Consultant to the Chemically and Electrically Sensitive for Access. Referral service for access to schools, public buildings, etc., and develop self-defense strategies for MCS/EMF.
E-mail Susan Molloy:
Consultant for Environmental Products and Methods.
Minimum of $20.00 for 1/4 hour. Call Mary Oetzel at 512-288-2369.

See also "Search for an EI Safe Haven" on "MCS/EI Housing" page, this site.

4 MCS/EI Counseling

Help for MCS/EI Recovery. Call Robert S. Mayer, Ph.D. 212-677-2922. This psychotherapist is environmentally sensitive with 35 years of experience.  He specializes in helping environmentally sensitive patients. Phone sessions available - First 15 minutes free. $75.00 per hour. Chemically free offices in Greenwich Village, Manhattan and New Jersey.

Psychological and Neuropsychological Evaluation and Treatment for Patients. Call Nancy A Didriksen, Ph. D. 972-889-9933 or Fax: 972-889-9935. Since 1984, offers evaluations for disability, Workman's Compensation and litigation. Also offers psychotherapy for the chemically sensitive or environmentally ill.

5 Housing

Immune Web Classifieds Housing.

Safer housing listed in The Safer Travel Directory. An exhaustive listing of places to live for the person with Environmental Illness or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Also, see site for listings or communities all over the US.

Heal of Southern AZ. Housing, rentals, camping and organizations for safer housing. 

Building MCS Housing. Step by Step in Snowflake, AZ.

Housing and MCS.
Safer Housing For The Chemically Sensitive To Be Built In KY:

Tox Free Inc. Insecticide contamination for home buyers. 1-800-704-1662. Information & support groups.

See also "MCS/EI`Housing" page on this site for Dolan Springs, Arizona and rentals in other areas.
See this page for: Plans for MCS/EI Gated Community Underway. Snowflake, AZ

For more information, please see "Resources" page

6 Depression

  • Suicide and Family Crisis Hotline: call 1-800-SUICIDE in the U.S.
  • Teenagers in crisis or suicide prevention, Covenant House Nine Line: call 1-800-999-9999
  • Look in the front pages of your phone book for a crisis line
  • Call a psychotherapist
  • Carefully choose a priest, minister or rabbi, someone who is likely to listen
  • Metanoia. Talk to a therapist online, how to choose a competent counselor, or if you are suicidal, read this first.


    7 Chemical Emergency Response Plans for Arizona

    A list of each county contact where you may obtain a copy of their local report:



    Chemical Emergency Response Plans

    Safety Data Information

    Follow-up Emergency Notice

    Hazardous Materials Release & Inventory Reports




    Your Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) & the Commission can provide: Hazardous materials information to individuals; Support to local government; Hazardous materials training for public sector & volunteer responders; & Compliance assistance to business and industry


    Apache County LEPC 928-337-7523
    Cochise County LEPC 520-432-9550
    Coconino County LEPC 928--526-2735
    Gila County LEPC 928-425-3231 x 8760
    Graham County LEPC 928-428-0410
    Greenlee County LEPC 928-865-4762
    La Paz County LEPC 928-669-6138
    Maricopa County LEPC 602-273-1411
    Mohave County LEPC 928-757-0910
    Navajo County LEPC 928-524-4251
    Pima County LEPC 520-798-3920
    Pinal County LEPC 520-868-6415
    Santa Cruz County LEPC 520-375-8000
    Yavapai County LEPC 928-771-3321
    Yuma County LEPC 928-783-5960
    AZSERC 602-231-6346