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Alternatives to Toxic Pesticides

Safe Pest Eliminators
Questions and Answers
Online Book
Termite Extermination
Mosquito Control
Homemade Ant Bait
Please note: Concerning all pest control substances, anyone with MCS/EI
should consult with their doctor and test all products carefully before using.
Safe Pest Eliminators Inc.
Jerry Goodman, President
 Florida Dept. Agriculture/Consumer Services License # JB4483, U.S. EPA Registration # 73340-1

I've had 22+ years of experience in the professional pest control business, I have yet to encounter an insect pest that cannot be effectively eliminated/controlled with safe, poison/odor free products and methods. In fact, our poison free products and systems actually work much better and last much longer than the toxic pesticides and chemicals that have literally ravaged human and environmental health. Whether it's ants, roaches, termites, fleas, ticks, lawn pests, mosquitoes or other flying insects out for a free blood meal, (i.e. sand flies, no-see-ums, & black flies), we have the poison free solution and will gladly share our extensive knowledge

Uncle Albert's Super Smart Ant Bait has no odor.

Caution for MCS: These products are not designed for MCS persons, so please investigate, check with your doctor, and test before using. These alternatives to toxic pesticides can be helpful alternatives for MCS/EI landlords or neighbors that live in close proximity.

Call or write for advice or product information to:
Safe Pest Eliminators Inc.
11338 S.W. 158th Place, Miami, FL. 33196
(305) 447-7152  24/7 Fax: (305) 388-1128 E mail:

Questions and Answers
Jerry Goodman has generously offered to answer our questions about pesticide alternatives and products.

Please submit your questions to this site on the Contact page or directly to Jerry Goodman, via his e mail. I will post the questions and answers here, so we can all benefit, unless you specify otherwise.

Question 1. I live near a city that has no organic pest control available. Is there any way I could make safe pest control products or service for my health food store available? The management says that the health department requires them to use a licensed pest control operator.

Answer: I never heard of a health dept. requirement that a professional PCO needs to treat a health store. You could effectively do it yourself with a number of different poison free products and you will not have any pests, so the health dept. could not write you a violation.

Question 2. Can you evaluate the effectiveness of the various non-toxic methods for termite control? Especially the microwave method and heat method?

Answer: We could supply you with safe, effective products for whatever problems you may have. I have heard of the microwave technique for drywood termites, but I do not know much about it. As far as Heat, (Thermal Pest Eradication), I know quite a bit, as I introduced this process to South Florida in 1990. Heat can very very effective if done properly and thoroughly and I'm sure the Heat system, (ours is called"Heatwave TPE"), is more effective than the microwave, because it heats entire rooms, thereby preventing the possible escape of the termites to cooler areas where they can survive.   I would also highly recommend sodium borate for all accessible, bare surfaced wood, as sodium borate is the only product and system that will afford long term if not permanent protection from new termites. We treat homes under construction, where we are able to coat every stick of wood and we offer lifetime warranties against termites.      

Please note: Concerning all pest control substances, anyone with MCS/EI
should consult with their doctor and test the products carefully before using.

Online Book
The Bug Stops Here. Online, free book by Steve Tvedten.
Termite Extermination
Termites: Alternative Methods. University of California Cooperative Extention, Master Gardeners of Santa Clara Online. Discusses efficacy of heat, cold, microwave and other methods.
Mosquito Control
The studies cited here were sponsored by the Indian Council of Medical Research, and published in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. Neem cake is the residue left after pressing the neem seeds to extract the oil. It is used in India to kill larvae in standing water. It is an excellent fertilizer which kills nematodes.

The most economical source of solvent and aflatoxin free neem oil, and neem cake is Make your own repellent by mixing neem oil into unscented skin lotion or an oil such as apricot kernel. For 8 ounces of carrier, the amount of neem oil to add is:

4.6ml for 2% (1/8 oz.)
6.7ml for 3% (1/4 oz.)
11.6ml for 5% (1/3 oz.)

Ant Bait
Home Made Ant Bait Recipe- Desert Tested
Mix well, 1 part Borax with 1 part powdered sugar in empty milk carton(s). Our home takes about 4 lbs.of powdered sugar and 2 boxes of Borax. Place it where the wall meets the ground in a narrow strip, around the entire perimeter of the building. Before applying, wet the ground so the mixture will not blow away. Allow several days for this to work. Ants will carry it to their nest and it knocks them out. We tried using the bait inside the house in lids, but this did not work.
This recipe seems to be effective in the desert where ants rule! After a rain, it needs to be reapplied.
Submitted by the Editor

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