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What Helps the Chemically Injured
in the Toughest Times
Personal Accounts
Help for Depression
Support for MCS/EI
Prayers, Songs and Passages
This page is created for MCS/EIs, their friends or relatives to share
what has helped through the toughest times.
If you are a friend or relative, could you tell us what gave relief to the MCS/EI in need?
Was it your encouraging words, prayer, lending a hand or simply listening?

Your contribution can help many others! Send "What Helps" to:

Please submit your name as you would like it to be posted. Specify if you'd like to remain anonymous,
or if you are a relative, friend or an MCS/EI.

Personal Accounts
Anonymous, MCS/EI
These are some things that helped.  I told my friend, after much debate with myself (as I feel I am being intrusive if I ask people to change what they are doing and, before MCS, wouldn't have dreamed of doing so), that I had MCS and that the perfume at her house and scented candles were preventing me from being with her.  She immediately said, "What is MCS?"  I gave her a small brochure on MCS which listed possible irritants.  She said, "I will try to keep the air clean while you are here."  She seemed understanding, and apologized profusely for her husband's smoking, and said that she was trying to make it nicer for me so that I didn't have to smell the smoke.  (My mother was sensitive to cigarette smoke and perfumes, which she attributed to her father's extensive cigar smoking when she was a child.) That's what all the perfume and candles had been for!  Another example of someone who really was helpful was the man from Cuba who cleans the apartment building halls.  He was using window spray that made it impossible for me to go in and out.  Upon learning of this, he stopped immediately and said, "Oh!  I'll just use water where you are."  He was very kind, asked no questions, and accepted that we were telling him the truth.  My partner has been the most support for me- more than words can say.  He has changed just about everything to help make our home better.  He agreed to air filters, water filters, organic towels and sheets, and stopped wearing cologne and after shave lotions that were scented.  He got rid of the laundry detergent, and cleans with a natural product I can tolerate.  He cleans with only vinegar and baking soda.  Our car has an air filter in it.  He fills the gas tank, so that I don't have to go to the gas station.  If I get sick, he takes me home immediately.  Sometimes, he drives me to the beach so we can stay in the fresh air for awhile.  There is so much support from him, acceptance and caring.  In the beginning, it was really difficult for him.  And his son said, "Dad, it will be better for you, too."    I think the willingness of people to believe and to attempt to understand the pain helps more than words can say.
Jean Haney, an MCS/EI
I have been dealing with MCS/EI/CF for over 17 years now. After about 5 years, I sort of stabilized at a lower functioning level than before. Then, 4 years ago, during the worst allergy season in 50 years, I went downhill again - FAST! I had lost ground and had a very hard time getting back to a functioning level again. There were so many times that I wanted to give up - but I thought back to where I was 17 years ago - when I had only 1 grandchild. Now, I have 8. If I had given up then, I would never have known these grandchildren. I keep in mind that I want to be around when they all graduate from school and get married and have children of their own. Some of these grandchildren show signs of having MCS also and I want to be here to show them the way - to be an example for them to follow and the one person that understands what they are going through and all the manifestations that go along with this illness - including the isolation, the loss of jobs, friends and family. This is all that keeps me going from day to day - my grandkids!
Brice MacKay, an MCS/EI
The isolation during bad stretches with MCS is very hard on morale.  The greatest help are friends and family members who call or write with their everyday family stories, sharing a little bit of normalcy.  It always helps remind me of life, and to keep connected to these special friends who I value so greatly.
Anonymous, MCS/EI
I go through periods where the physical pain of my reactions, fatigue, isolation and financial pressures are almost too much to bear. It is like I'm in the ocean, the waves are over my head and keep coming so that I can barely get a breath before I dive under the next one. I use many coping tools. I find peace at times when I walk outdoors, look at nature or when I pray. When I feel that my friends or family have too much on their minds, I reach out to people in organizations that I trust and know will listen to me and pray for me. If I do not find lasting relief, I reach out to professionals for help. Sometimes, it is humiliating to admit that I need this kind of help. I never thought I had pride, but I guess I do. The more I reach out, I am humbled, but I am rewarded.
Mary Jean Kempf, an MCS/EI and mother of an MCS/EI
I survive my darkest times with the help of my husband and family. They give me a great deal of emotional support. I am also grateful that my daughters, their husbands, my son and his family have changed their chemical use. They provide a safe house for me when they are tenting for termites in my neighborhood.
Don Kempf, husband of MCS/EI and father of MCS/EI
I don't really know of any way that I help my wife or daughter with MCS/EI with words. I am not aware of anything that I say that helps. I can only guess that I help by listening. I help in other ways, by trying to improve our home, so that it is as chemically free as possible for my wife. Once, I gave away a business suit that was making my daughter sick. I recently flew out to visit with her before her surgery. She greeted me with a big smile and her whole face lit up when she saw me at the hospital.
For what keeps the MCS/EI editor going, see "Care Packages" on this site.

Help for Depression

  • Suicide and Family Crisis Hotline: call 1-800-SUICIDE in the U.S.
  • Teenagers in crisis or suicide prevention, Covenant House Nine Line: call 1-800-999-9999
  • Look in the front pages of your phone book for a crisis line
  • Call a psychotherapist
  • Carefully choose a priest, minister or rabbi, someone who is likely to listen
  • Metanoia. Talk to a therapist online, how to choose a competent counselor, or if you are suicidal, read this first.

    See also Environmental Speaker, Consultants, and Psychological Counseling

    Support for MCS/EI

    Share, Care, and Prayer. Personal support newsletter for MCS/EI, member directory, and information. P.O. Box 2080, Frazier Park, CA 93225

    Hands of Hope Ministry. Chaplain Jim Forbes and Jan Forbes, RN. Rural Route 1 Box 135 B, Hot Springs, SD 57747 Phone: 605-673-5565. Due to health considerations, please, no cell, cordless, or speaker phones. Office hours 11AM- 5PM Mountain time.

    Prayers, Songs and Passages

    This space is for helpful prayers. Please submit your prayer whether it is from your heart or if it is someone else's prayers in your time of need.

    Your contribution can help many others! Send "Helpful Prayers" to:

    Please submit your name as you would like it to be posted. Specify if you'd like to remain anonymous, or if you are a relative, friend or an MCS/EI.

    . . .

    Judy Black has been healed of MCS/EI. She wrote this is song when she was going through her darkest times. She says, "It's a song of hope that there would be better times ahead, and it's really a song about allowing life's storms to take us to a place of surrender, surrender to God's perfect wisdom and purpose, which is the only safe place to be. When I stopped fighting/resisting God's will completely, that's when I could trust Him to fight my battles for me, and when God fights the battles...He never loses."

    There Will Come a Time

    I can't see through the clouds, there's darkness all
    around, I'm so afraid
    I just can't find my way, will there come a brighter
    I'm swallowed up inside this fury, but every time I
    start to worry I listen to this voice within that's
    speaking to me;
    "There will come a time, when the sun will shine
    again. It's always brightest following the storm.
    There will come a day, when your heart will smile
    again, I know you can't believe it's true
    but there will come a time for you.
    Never fight the storm nor fear. Just listen to it's
    voice, until the messages are clear.
    Let it's wisdom teach you, and let it's fury take you
    to a brighter place, a higher place....
    it's a sweet surrender.
    So if you can't see through the clouds, there's
    darkness all around, you're so afraid
    and you just can't find your way, remember...
    There will come a time, when the sun will shine again,
    when your heart will smile again it's true
    there will come a time for you, for you..for you!

    . . .

    Mary Jean Kempf, an MCS/EI and mother of an MCS/EI, has three favorite biblical passages.
    2 Timothy 1:7
    "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."
    Deuteronomy 31:6
    "Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you."
    Philippians 4:6
    Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus ."

    . . .

    From the memory of an anonymous MCS/EI: "This has helped me through my worst times."
    "Dark Night of the Soul" by St. John of the Cross. Book Two, Chapter XVI #7.
    Explains how, though in darkness, the soul walks securely.
    Catholic First- Information Center XVI
    My favorite lines are
    ". . . You have never labored so effectively,
    so perfectly and so securely as now.
    When God takes your hand
    and guides you through the darkness,
    as though you were blind,
    to an end
    and by a way
    which you know not . . ."