young Ann Bounty
young Ann by Anita Louise

A not too happy Ann Bounty.

        Her mother actually was able to get the young woman to sit while she had her portrait sketched.
It took most of the day to do this, because, Ann kept fidgeting, her mind on more
enjoyable things to do.

Never a person to lull away the time sewing, cooking or any of the other chores that came so easily for most young women. Ann would much rather find herself, riding her favorite horse, feeling the wind against her face at a full gallop.

Sailing with Captain Posiden on his ship, The Bounty, scurrying up to the Crow's Nest,  or fighting right along side the men.
Posiden had taught her well,  sometimes the man thought maybe a bit too well.

She had a very active imagination, and as she grew older things she had only dreamed off were coming true.

Her mother tried her best to control the woman, but Ann Bounty had a mind of her own and it was a full time job for Keira.
As much as she hated to see her daughter doing the things she seemed to love, she could not help smiling with satisfaction at the woman's vim.

Kiera wanted the best for Ann, and even if it was different than what most young women her age were doing. She never wanted to see her hurt the way she was.
Besides, whether in leathers and scuffling with the young men, she also knew theat when her daughter chose to attend functions of a different nature, she was stunning in a dress.

Keira had a feeling, Ann would break many hearts in her journey's and had given up sometime back as to ever seeing the woman settle down, marry and give her grandchildren. Nope,  Ann Bounty would leave her mark on the world, but her mother knew it would be in a way people would never forget the flaming red head.