Anita Louise


Are you male or female?


Is there someone special in your life?

There are many special people in my life. I think it depends on what you mean by special.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I like to take quiet walks, I can sit for long periods of time just watching the creatures of the forests scurrying about.
I love animals.
I enjoy horses, riding, and at one time, training them.
Like Ann Bounty, I have derived great enjoyment in  fencing.
I have a good sense of humor.
My dog, Murph keeps me balanced.
I am enjoying feedback on  The Legend of Ann Bounty Web Site. And I am still working on the site.

What is your occupation?

I have many skills.
I  am President of, The International Fan Club for Xena Warrior Princess. Since the end of Xena, there is not that much to do with this fan club now. Though I still have many members from all over the world.

How did you discover Xena? What got you hooked?

I was channel surfing one day and came upon the show. It was different from anything I had seen. A beautiful woman, handling herself with ease.

Why are you writing FF?

I had a friend that dared me to give it a go. And once I began to write, the characters seemed to become a part of me.

How did you choose your pseudonym if you have any?

Anita Louise is my name.

When you start to write a story, do you see the whole story in your mind, or just bits and pieces?

When I begin to write a story, I have a preconception of what it will entail.

What Xena episode has been the most influential for your stories?

None really.

What priorities do you have? Writing or "real life"?

Since writing and real life intermingle, I would say they are both priorities to me.

Which other television shows (or movies) - if any - influence your writing?


Are there any other authors or other artists you feel inspired you?


Except for Xena and Gabrielle, which character do you love to write about the most?

The flaming red head, Ann Bounty. She has been a pleasure to create and write.

I also love writing Skylar Richmond, Bobie Parker stories and all the charcacters
in these stories. 

What constitutes the basic elements or the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle in your stories?

Xena and Gabrielle are close friends. They would die for the other. In my stories, they share a deep love.

Of course in my stories, Xena meets Ephiny long before she meets Gabrielle.  But there will never be anyone to take the place of the other in their hearts, they are indeed soul-mates.

What is the most fun in writing FF?

Creating the characters. Talking to fans about the stories.

Which is your favorite episode?

Is There a Doctor in the House.

When did you start to write?

I have been writing most of my life in one way or the other.

What do you think of the subtext, and why are you so graphic in your stories?

I think that sub-text gives the stories a verve they wouldn't have. True love is hard to find and if a person is lucky, they may be graced in their lifetime, with a love only dreams are made of.

Is your writing influenced by events of the currently running season of XWP?


Where do you take the time to write? How does your writing rhythm look like?

When I can find a quiet moment, I will put pen to paper. I spend quality time at the computer.

What do you personally think about the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle?

I believe the two are soul-mates. They have shown how much they love one another. They are destined to be, just as the stars that shine down upon us.

How do you handle flames or negative criticism by subtext opponents?

I have never had this problem.  If there is criticism, I will handle it the best I can. Not everyone likes everything.  I have found fans to be open and kind in their mail.

What do you think about Joxer?

Joxer . . . He is all right. I think if they gave Ted a good story line he shines in his performance.

I enjoy, Seeker of The Legend filmed now at Renaissance Studios in New Zealand. Ted
has roles in this and looks much better than he did on XWP. When given the opportunity to
shine he does it well.  

What do people think about your stories? How do you find out?

Ann Bounty is listed in many places on the internet.  As well as my stories regarding Xena and Gabrielle.

People enjoy them. I receive positive words regarding the characters of my stories. Ann Bounty has become a role model to many. Many fans are happy to see that Gabrielle has a friend such as, The Sea Troll. Fans e-mail me. My e-mail address is at the beginning of all of my stories,

As you can see, email changes as do websites but I am still the same person and this is my latest e-mail addy.

Do you work with beta-readers?


I did have someone that checked the stories and was  supposed to fix grammar errors, etc.

I paid this person well.  After looking at some of the stories on line I am appalled to see the many mistakes.

For this I apologize.

Do you write alone or do you confer with other Xenites about stories in progress?

I write alone.
I do enjoy feed back from the fans who read my stories.

  This interview was first done by Elonka Enzensperger

What do you think of the way the series ended?

I am saddened to see it end like this.  Xena has been a role model to many. The two women brought out the best.  It certainly opened my eyes to many things.  If not for Xena I wouldn't have found the wonderful friends I now have, on line and off.

My heart would never have been opened again.   I think that about says it.

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