Spoon Island was given this name because of the nature of its size.
Many have commented on the island's shape.
The island landscape is a perpetual flower show. Hedges of hibiscus bloom everywhere. Shower trees shed their blossoms along the paths. Bougainvillea vines, night blooming cereus, and ginger plants make the island a paradise of luxuriant blossoms. There are more than 2,000  species of flowering plants and trees on the island. The island is also composed of many uninhabited rocky islets and coral reefs,  streams, hot springs,  plateaus and  fertile valleys, deep fissures, many caves, pinnacles, and waterfalls.

The mild, uniform climate of  Spoon Island is famous among its visitors.  Cooling ocean currents keep the climate moderate.  The average annual temperature is about 75  F (24  C) throughout the lowland.

The mild temperature of the island is matched by dependable patterns of sunshine and rainfall. These patterns vary according to location and altitude and are governed by the  trade winds.

Ann was a handful...

When Ann  Bounty pays her mother a visit, these are some of the things she loves to do.

Visit the plantation. One of the many entrance ways.

Sitting and staring off at the endless blue water of the ocean.
Climbing a tree, searching for food. Perhaps tossing a coconut or two.
Spend time at the cabin.
She loves to walk to the spring, and enjoy the quiet just sitting.

Spoon Island always is a nice place to visit, with many things to do and see, no matter how many times you may be there, each time is a brand new experience.

Anita Louise

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