The Cedarville Rancheria is a small Federally Recognized Tribe comprised of 35 tribal members. All  members are persons whose names appear on, or are entitled to appear on, the Official Census Roll dated July 18, 1954; each are lineal descendants of persons eligible for membership.

The Cedarville Rancheria is located on 26 acres in Cedarville, California. Many families reside on the rancheria. One or two families live off the rancheria, but in the area. The remaining members live in the western states.

Located in Alturas, about 20 miles west of Cedarville, is our Tribal Office where day-to-day business is conducted and Tribal events are held. One of the largest events of each quarter is our Council Meetings. Regular meetings begin in January, and are then scheduled so that one takes place each quarter of the year. Other tribal activities held at the Tribal Office include ICWA events such as youth tutoring and holiday gatherings.

The term of our officers is three years. Requirements of members wanting to run for office are only that s/he is over 18 years of age and is an enrolled member of the Cedarville Rancheria. Elections take place at the end of each term and votes are place by a secret ballot.

Currently, Cedarville Rancheria has its Economic Development Committee and Tribal Members working on the planning stages of new projects in hopes of boosting our community's economy. We are very excited about all the new ideas and dreams that are finally coming about. Our first attempt at running a business has come with our purchase of what is now the Cedarville Rancheria Public Scales. For more details, go to our Economic Development link.

We offer our members assistance through various programs that our tribe has. Services include Aid to Tribal Government (ATTG), Indian Welfare Act (ICWA), Community Fire Protection (CFP), Hazardous Fuels (HF), Housing Improvement Plan (HIP), Roads Maintenance Program (ROADS), Community Service Block Grant (CSBG), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Adult Education, Economic Development, Job Placement, Social Services and Indian Housing Plans (IHP).

Cedarville is a great area to visit if you are into culture, outdoor activities and seeing the sites. You can learn more by clicking on our Tourism link.


Cedarville Rancheria Tribal History

Know Before You Go...

Know before you Go

When visiting tribal lands, it is expected that nothing will be disturbed.  Some areas need tribal permission to proceed onto the lands.

Touching regalia and other belongings of tribes and tribal members is disrespectful and can bring negative spirits to the peoples.

Be cautious when visiting reservations.  These areas are not designed for visitors and are inhabited by real people.  These peoples will not look the way Hollywood portrays ...they will look like all other peoples of the areas.

Be respectful when visiting and be cautious of the beliefs and rituals of the areas.