It was 2001 and I was just getting over a case of pneumonia and then caught a bad case of the flu wihtin just a few months of each otther. For some reason I developed nosebleeds that were difficult to control and had to go to the Emergency Room twice. During that time I went to work, it was a 100 mile round trip, and started to have a bad nose bleed. I went to the facility's first aid area, was given a box of Kleenex and I drove home. The bleeding became so bad that I almost used up an entire box of tissues. It looked like a butcher shop in the front of my car. My anxiety level was going through the roof and so was my blood pressure. Higher blood pressure means more bleeding and more bleeding means higher blood pressure. My pressure was so high that it was forcing a leakage into my eyes and my contacts were turning brown. A very scary time. I went to the Emergency room of a local hospital and my BP was 190 over 114. The doctor told me not to worry about the nose bleed but to be more concerned about my diabetes. And that is how it started for me.