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American Bosch "Cruiser", Model 116

This TRF radio has seven tubes: Four 26es for RF and First Audio, 27 Detector, 71A 2nd Audio, and an 80 in the power supply.
There are three front panel controls, oneTuner (the RF stages are ganged), a Volume control, and a "Clarifier", which I haven't quite figured out yet.

I don't have a proper speaker or high impedance headphones for this, so it hasn't been tested.
The power supply which seems to be an optional add-on battery eliminator frankly scares me and I will probably fabricate a modern one.
AC circuits consist of a wall-type switch mounted on the side, a plug fuse and accessory outlets.

The cabinet is solid and in good condition except for chipped veneer on the cover.
All of the badges are intact and not corroded.
The tuning knob is missing and was photoshopped in the image above.
This was found at a flea market in Otego, NY and cost a whopping $6.49 (1/2 price sale...)!

This was found bouncing around inside the Bosch when I opened the lid.
A homebrew amplifier for headphones or speaker.
The tube is an O1A.

circa 1925

This came in the mail one day, from a friend and former boss who decided that he "had no room in his life" for it.
He bought it at a yard sale near Woodstock, NY, thinking it was an Atwater-Kent.
In fact, the builder used the cabinet from a Model 20 to finish this set.

This radio had a 3 volt C battery in the first audio amplifier stage.  I have replicated it for the restoration with modern alkaline cells.
Here is the link to the OHIO 3 volt battery graphics.