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Truetone D-705
Manufactured by Wells-Gardner
Pre-August 1939 (Nostalgia Air)

This is a three band console with 11 tubes.
Three bands include BC, Police, and SW.
This beauty was found in a used furniture store in Norwich, NY.
Cabinet was in very good condition, and the grille cloth was intact.
This one lives in our dining room and underneath it is where all the cat's toys end up.
Somehow, the cats understand grille cloth it is not a scratching post, fortunately for them.
Going by the labels on the preset buttons, this one used to live near Kansas City.
WREN (Topeka); KCMO, WHB, KCKN, KMBC (Kansas City)

Philco 39-85

Part of my "instant" Philco collection, this was acquired one Friday afternoon along with two other Philco consoles from a used furniture store on my way home from work.  This is a farm radio requiring a 1.5 volt "A" battery and a 90 volt "B" battery.  It has two bands, BC and SW.
It has a relatively small PM speaker, six or eight inches, and the cabinet forms a folded horn.
Preset Buttons are WSYR (Syracuse, NY), WHAM (Rochester, NY), WOR (NYC), WABC (NYC), WGY (Schenectady, NY), and one illegible.
Probably a local set (With a good antenna).