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Hallicrafters S-38A
Pre-1951 (Nostalgia Air)

Doesn't everyone have one of these?
This one looks like it was rode hard and put up wet.
A real fixer-upper, but a pretty good performer.

Westinghouse  H422-P4

This little cutie is the one that re-started me on old radios.
Runs on one 75 Volt "B" battery and two 1.5 Volt "A" batteries, also AC/DC.
Found at the "Sally" in Long Island City, NY, in the mid-1990's.

Zenith Trans-Oceanic T-600

Of course.
 This won a prize in a show for the guy I bought it from.

RCA X551

This one belongs to a friend, who brought it around to show me.
In no time, some caps and the speaker had been replaced, and its almost ready to be his 'Listen to the ball game on the back porch' radio.
I've seen dirtier radios, but I can't remember when, but it cleaned up nicely and a little Brasso shined it up.
It's a surprisingly good-sounding and sensitive set, and has a phono input on the side.
It needs an original knob for the tuner - I'm thinking of making one out of wood.