Joseph's Coat

I bought Joseph's Coat from Jackson & Perkins Feb. 1995 and the second one at Home Depot March 2005.

Tag Description:

Red buds open in to orange blossoms that change to yellow, then crimson. With blooms in all stages at once, the effect is breathtaking, a snappy, colorful garden generated by a single plant. Blooms continously throughout the summer. A versatile, vigorous rose, well-suited to a pillar or trellis, yet manageable enough to be a self-supporting shrub. Or plant a row along a tall fence or wall for a blazing show of colors everyone will admire.

My description:

January 2006- Joseph's Coat is my favorite climber now, she does put on as good of a show as advertised. I have her between two windows so I can watch the colors change. I started training it or should I say tacking it to the walls over my craft room window so it will drape down with blooms. We'll see.

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