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Town Clerk
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Betsy Jensen

Town Historian
Edward Shuman

Water Superintendent
John Stewart


Otselic Citizens' Information Web Site

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

This site is dedicated to informing the citizens of the Town of Otselic about town government and other important local issues.
Information will be added daily so check this site frequently.

Town Board Meeting MINUTES
School Superintendent Richard Hughes Has Past History Of Being the Center of Conflict and Controversy

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Annual Financial Report for 2012 completed by Williams and sent to NY State Comptroller.

Town Financial Books show $44,000 MISSING from town bank accounts!!
Where is the MISSING $44,000?  

Town shows BIG SURPLUS at the end of 2012
Almost $100,000 left over from 2012

General Fund shows surplus of close to $10,000.
Highway Fund shows almost $63,000 unspent money from 2012 plus $26,000 from FEMA reimbursement.
Water Fund shows about $1,300 unspent.


Altogether the town had $480,000 in the bank at the end ot 2012 plus another $250,000 in taxes was raised in 2013 for a total of $730,000.

Williams has no idea how much money he has and no idea where it belongs.
And the town board has no clue what money the town has.

It is a sad situation when the town supervisor and the town board can't add and subtract and keep proper records of hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money!

Some Town Employees Doing A Great Job


Otselic Fire District Taxes

Incorrrect tax rate formulas offer cut rate fire protection for surrounding towns and directly costs Otselic taxpayers over $14,000 over-payment every year.


Town in Crisis
Read excerpts of NY State Otselic financial audit

"...the accuracy of any reports produced from the Town's accounting records would be questionable. "
"...most of the Town's assets are at significant risk of loss."

Read Williams' Response to State Comptroller

State Audit shows Water District is in Real Trouble!

Read full Audit Report

Dysfunctional Town Board also tramples democratic process
Louise Perry and Evan Williams caught whispering at Town Board meeting

The January 7 Re-Organizational meeting for the New Year becomes the Dis-Organizational meeting!

Another great job by the The Town Board proving they can screw up in new and original ways.

While Evan Williams deserves the prize for the most and biggest screw ups, he is followed by Hugh Comfort who demanded that the Burgh be made to get a building permit, after Williams admitted he had already given them a permit and construction has been almost completed. Duh?
Was Comfort sleeping?

BJ Bishop gets a mention for suggesting that our Variance procedure is hindering home sales and lowering town property values.
Yes, BJ, making people bring their property up to code will surely hurt the town!
Does the fact that he owns several substandard and non compliant rental properties effect his position on the laws?
Click here for more on Bishop

And Weezie Perry gets a nod for laughing when a town resident suggested that after twenty plus years as Town Clerk she should know that General Fund money cannot go into the Water Fund! What else is funny Louise? I guess it is funny to expect you to know anything and do your job as a town board member!

December 29 Illegal Money Transfers at End of Year Meeting! Williams proposed and the Town Board approved illegal money transfers. He proposed taking money from highway funds. He proposed taking money from the whole town and putting it into the water district. The board agreed to these transfers. These transfers are strictly illegal under New York State law. (see December 29 minutes) Read more
December 30, 2012
End of Year Fiasco
Williams Ignores Town Attorney and bypasses Otselic Code Officer to Break the Law

Maple tree stump in town park where maple tree was cut down by a private tree service at a cost to the town of $985.
A new tree should be planted to replace this park shade tree.
Now, Calvin Hite can keep his promise to share with the Town some of the fees that Fishing Heritage has been collecting every year by renting out vendor sites in the Otselic Town Park.
Now Sarah and Calvin Hite can finally do something for the Town.
Of course, we couldn't expect Cal and Sarah to cough up any of their own personal money.
Now is the time for Fishing Heritage to purchase and plant a nice new Sugar Maple.
The latest Fishing Heritage fund balance is $1,434.15. Considering how much the Town of Otselic has done for Fishing Heritage Day, and, that much of their money has come from charging venders to use the Town Park, Fishing Heritage should now give something back and purchase and plant a nice new Sugar Maple tree in the Town Park.
Let's see if Fishing Heritage heeds the call to repay the town with this small show of gratitude.
Sarah and Calvin Hite offered to provide a new chain for the Town Park (paid for by Fishing Heritage). But they reneged on their promise and decided that the taxpayers should pay for it and convinced Evan Williams and the town board that the a new chain was a necessity and town funds were used to buy it.

Bed bugs have infested the Post Office building in South Otselic.
Bed bugs or bed bug eggs can be carried and spread on clothing, pets, luggage, furniture, vehicles or on any article from the infested area.
Visitors to an infested area often carry the bugs or eggs with them.

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!
UPDATED!!....November 13 Board Meeting/2013 Budget Hearing

2013 Budget adopted......2.8 percent tax increase.
No raises for any town employees except for the for the highway crew.
No money was allocated for justice court software. Click here

UPDATE ON School Principal Henner's latest outrageous activities!
Update January 3 2013........
Computer Fiasco still not over

....the town Clerk still waiting for Williams to supply her with an operating computer system after more than 4 months. January 4

... Sadly, the old computer could have been fixed at very low cost and, another unused refurbished town computer was available. Click here
Election Day voting moved from Town Hall.
Click herePolling place moved from Town Hall
Free Wi Fi at Town Hall and Town park cut off.
Click hereFree public WiFi cut off.

Click hereFebruary 14, 2012 Town Board votes to pay for outside help for Supervisor

Click here March 13, 2012 Perry pushes for tax re-assessment!

Click hereApril 10, 2012 Supervisor backpedals fast on RE-VAL / Town Board violates Open Meetings Law
Click hereMay 8, 2012 A comedy of errors ...but it isn't really funny
Town Board members are still sleeping on the job

Click here June 12, 2012.....
Town Board refused to act as required by law on North Road Mobile Home Permit
This meeting was painful to watch, it was that bad!

Click here July 10, 2012.....
Town Board finally approved North Road Mobile Home Permit with no discussion. Obviously the board had already discussed the issue and had made the decision.

Click here August 14, 2012.....

Every new meeting surpasses the last meeting for the lack of common sense and the lack off professional conduct.

Click here September 11, 2012.....

Evan Williams and the town board broke new ground with historical firsts in two areas.

Click here October 9, 2012.....

Williams uses unscheduled non publicized "special meetings" to discuss 2013 budget.
After more than six weeks, Williams still has not supplied the town clerk with a working computer.

Click here November 13 Town Board Meeting/2013 Budget Hearing

After Williams used unscheduled non publicized "special meetings" to discuss and build the 2013 budget, the board held a budget hearing and adopted a 2.8 % tax increase for 2013.

Click here December 29 Town Board Meeting

The town board is spiraling downward into disfunction.
Town laws are being violated and ignored, illegal money transfers are being made and the Supervisor and the town board are making the job of the clerk impossible.

MINUTES Town Board Meeting Minutes

January 3 Minutes-Reorganization
February 14 Minutes
March 13 Minutes
April 10 Minutes
May 8 Minutes
June 12 Minutes
July 10 Minutes
Aug 14 Minutes
September 11, Minutes
September 24 Minutes
(unscheduled "special" meeting)

October 9 Minutes
October 16 Minutes
(unscheduled "special" meeting)

November 13 Minutes
December 11 Minutes
December 29 Minutes
(unscheduled "special" meeting)

January 7, 2013 Re-Organizational Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2013 Minutes
March 12, 2013 Minutes
April, 9 2013 Minutes
May 14, 2013 Minutes
June 11, 2013 Minutes
July 9, 2013 Minutes
August 13, 2013 Minutes
September 10, 2013 Minutes

September... Updated!!
... Williams finally files the 2011 Annual Financial Report with the Town Clerk

Seven months late.... ...

In the September 4th Evening Sun, the required legal notice announces that the 2011 Annual Financial Report for the Town of Otselic has been completed and is now available for public inspection at the Town Hall

Williams attempts to pressure the town clerk to commit fraud! Angry when she refused to violate the law!
....Water main blueprints found!....digging will not be necessary!!
Water main meets requirements! .....Developing..... E.Coli contamination source still not found.....
Updated September 4
.....All About The South Otselic Water District......

how it works, who runs it and who pays for it.
Photos......Developing.....South Otselic Water Well is contaminated with E.Coli bacteria
E. Coli is bacteria found in all fecal material...either human or animal feces.
Developing.....Otselic books are still being audited by the NY State Comptroller!!!
Updated!!... Williams Fights Public Access to Town Books

     Updated!!....What's Going on Around Town?
Has our school gone crazy?


School Principal Henner's outrageous activities!

     NEWS UPDATE!! Evan Williams' and his "creative accounting"...... or is it just a plain ol' screw up?

UPDATE!! Evan Williams violating Town Law with illegal spending of town money!

Update June 20
And ....Where is the Annual Financial Report?

Learn the facts about your Town Board

    Fact Check - Board member Louise Perry

    Fact Check - Board member B.J.Bishop

    Fact Check - Board member Hugh Comfort

    Fact Check - Supervisor Evan Williams

Board of Supervisors Weighted Voting

2012 Otselic Town Budget

2012 Town Salaries

Click hereYour rights for information

Click here New York State Town Law

Hydro-fracking and Our Water

2010 U.S. Census

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