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My solar roof in Boulder City, NV. 25 evacuated tubes (American Solar Works)heat the silver manifold. Notice spotting from rain drizzle. I do clean it from time to time but in the summer I have plenty of hot water. A special HELLO to the people at Northern Arizona Wind Sun Discussion Forum. They have helped me learn so much. Mitsubishi 110 W panels I have 3 of these now. They do not perform well in heat and some of them had pink and yellow dots???

I solder the lugs AFTER I crimp them, I'm just anal that way. #10 Ga takes a lot of heat, sometimes I just tourch em. Controller is Blue Sky solar boost 2000E 25 amp max, showing 15 amps here Battery Bank. I have Concordes (best) at my other place, here these are Tysonic 110 Ah each. I have 3 now and will be moving them to the garage cement floor for better temp (try to bury them). This inverter runs 24/7 and powers several wall warts inside, DSL modem, net hub, portable phone and answer machine plus the hot water system pump. It's a real challenge balancing 24/7 loads and keeping your batteries charged. My wife left the garage fan on for over 30 hrs straight. I was out of town and she called me to say the solar system stopped working. The inverter reached 10.5V and shut down. Grundfos pump control system for hot water. Complete package is Celcius, I have conversion chart. To me this is the heart of the system,the Rheem Solaraid tank with heat exchanger. I have a closed loop system, designed and built by myself. Tank is just storage, but could have an electric element inside. I never sweated copper pipe before so it was a learning experience. This Rheem tank just feeds my old hot water heater. The pilot is turned off for summer.
3 1/3 years old.

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