Text Box: Exhaust gaskets fit the 1300?

Part numbers for more readily available gaskets:
Midas - New part number 521817, old# EN1837 
NAPA / Victor - F12329 or F 7283
Felpro - 60569   
Text Box: BUB Bracket

The old boat anchor of a bracket has 3 rubber grommets in it. The 2 symmetrical ones are easy to pop out, but the third one-piece (with the star pattern thru it) is a bit tough to pop out. You may need to spray some glass cleaner on it to slide it out. (Glass cleaner is GREAT for removing grips, etc. because it lubricates nicely, but dries up in a few minutes, unlike WD-40, etc.) 
One thing I didn't put in the assembly is the galvanized sheath that you'll also reuse from the old assembly. The directions are not clear about it, but be sure to slip that through the grommet so that the flange is on the inside of the bike. 

Text Box: Quote by halfabubble:

BTW, the "stealth" baffles really need a different name. Something like "slightly 
quieter but still pretty damn loud" baffles. 
Text Box: Adjusting the Valves Do You Have to Remove the Pipes?
Quote from Rob-T
“Actually No you don't remove the front pipe to get to the cover. Only loosen the heat shield enough to move it to get access to that bottom allen. BTW get the metric Allen set with the ball ends and T-handle. The ball end lets you get in at an angle. 
As Always Peaceful Cruisin’”
Text Box: Lower Front Manifold nut:

There are a couple different approaches, with a small wrench or a ¼” drive with swivel head… or if you have a flex extension, 12mm combination wrench…hard to get a torque wrench to work there…just don’t over tighten them you will be able to feel when they are tight… run them a while and give them a little turn while they are still warm…Don’t Burn Yourself…. 
Text Box: From BuB:

The Stealth baffles retail for $72.95 
a pair. They reduce the sound from about 104 to about 97db. You will lose a little of your top end gain but your bottom end will increase some. The torque chambers will give your pipes a more open sound like a straight pipe and still provide some back pressure.

If you would like more technical information you will want to contact Brad
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1-800-934-9739 Ext. 221.

VTX 1300 Jug Huggers

sound bit

Text Box: Stealth Baffle Removal
by Eazy-E 

They are a pain in the butt to change by yourself. I have done it twice to both sets of Bubs I had. It's really not hard getting them out, (with the right tool) it's putting it back together. At the end of the pipe, there is one hole in the exhaust for the heat shield, and tips. When you take that screw out the heat shield wants to spin out of position and when putting back together you need three hands. Two hands to spin the heat shield around to line up the holes and someone to put the screw in. Can be done by yourself, but easier with some extra hands.  I used a lock bar from my tool box   to remove the baffles and works perfect. 
See Text photos for removal tool.
Text Box: ****instructions update**** 

1. BUBS redesigned their bracket and therefore the hardware used is totally different. MUCH simpler.     They also re-did their instructions 
2. BUBS improved their instructions!!!- they are great- perfect, follow them. They are spot on and the two pictures they include show you everything necessary.
3. No switching grommets, no bolts with spacers, etc.
4. Your big honda rear exhaust bracket that holds the rectifier STAYS. Take your stock exhaust off of it, leave that bracket be. The new BUBS bracket bolts to the stock bracket with two bolts. Finger tighter at first so you can adjust it as needed as you hang the pipes. The BUBS instructions tell you the same.
5. Mount the bubs bracket re-using the factory honda hardware. It only fits one way- no way to mess it up.
6. Follow the BUBS instructions for how to mount everything up. VERY cut and dry, and very simple. 2 bolts hold the BUBS bracket to your stock bracket (re-use factory bolts and washers). 2 bolts in rear of each pipe hold the pipes to the BUBS bracket- hardware and locknuts supplied. Replace your crush gaskets, re-use your stock bolts to bolt the pipes to the head. DONE.
By: Jersey1300R

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BuB Installation Instructions

By James Clement