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This page was last updated: December 29, 2003, but you probably don't care.

Fancy that, an update! I know that I have been neglecting my website, and some of you may be wondering why I even bother, but hey, I'm a busy guy just like all of you. So anyway, here it is an update! It isn't a whole lot, mostly revamped a few pages and added a new page or two. Enjoy, and I promise to keep the site up from here on out... unless something happens to my ISP.

Well, it seems that I went and did it again... I've updated my website and hopefully you like the changes. Some are subtle and I doubt you'll even notice others are present, but I'm going to let you discover them on your own this time. Enjoy!

You can expect to see a lot more updates very soon. I'm currently updating several characters and information for the Champions section! Stay tuned for the updates. Aurora, Cypress, Jack of Hearts and Rook and  are now up. I would also like to mention that I'm using PhotoShop to do the heroes after I bring them in. I'm hoping to get good enough that I can start using Poser and PS to make some nice portraits.

Just playing around with a new toy. I have added an NPCs page to see how Hero Designer's exports look. Check it out! Also, Kitana's new hero character sheet is up!

A new update! The The Adventure So Far... has been changed slightly in it's format and I added the newest gaming session update. I also changed the format of this page some. I reduced the amount of moving stuff.

Welcome to my home on the web

Some quick and simple introductions are in order I guess. My name is Robert and if you are seeking information on role playing games or computer help you have come to the right place. As you will see this site is broken into two primary pieces, RPGs and Computers.

A really good place for you to start surfing through my site is through my Site Navigation Page. It is essentially a table of contents of everything in my site. I have also provided several navigation bars across the top, left and bottom of each page to guide you through my site. (Hint: If you look closely, you will see the pattern to the navigation bars.)

Bookmark this site.I suppose it would also be a good idea if you add this site to your favorites right now as well; I know how difficult it is to remember http://www.ciltink.net/~rpmiller1. You never know when that connection may go down and my wonderful site will be lost to you forever.

Please click on any of the navigation buttons to start your personal journey through the world of my mind. Oh, if along the way you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email me right away: rpmiller1@citlink.net.

Oh and just in case your curious, this site has been visited Hit Counter times. (at least through this particular page)

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