The ultimate goal is to end the game with the lowest score. The cards are dealt nine times (nine rounds), hence the name of the game GOLF.


The ACE is counted as one point. Cards TWO through TEN are counted at their face value, i.e. A SEVEN, of any suit, counts as seven points. The JACK and QUEEN each count as ten points. The KING is zero points and the JOKER counts as minus (-) three points.

Additionally, any pair, (pairs are counted only when they are matched up directly above or directly below each other) counts as zero, and four of a kind, two above and two below, counts as minus (-) ten points.


With less than four players use a single deck of cards, five or more use a double deck. Start by dealing each player six cards, face down in front of them. The player is not allowed to look at, or peek at any of his faced down cards. The cards are laid out in front of each player in two rows of three cards.

The remaining cards are stacked face down in the middle of the table and the top card is turned face up adjacent to the stack starting the discard stack.


The player to the immediate left of the dealer starts by turning over two of his face down cards and then drawing either the top unknown card from the stack or the card face up adjacent to the stack. He must then discard a card, either the one he just drew or one of the six cards in front of him. If he discards the card that he drew, he must then turn one of the down cards in front of him over. If he discards a card from the set in front of him he must then replace it, face up, with the card that he drew.

Play continues around the table with the next player now turning over two of his cards and then drawing a card and discarding a card. The player may discard a card from in front of him that is face up or face down. Play continues till each player has five cards in front of him face up and one face down. At this point the player has the option of extending his play by not turning over his last down card but only discarding the card that he drew or terminating the round by turning up his last down card. If he terminates the round, the play continues and the other players have one more chance to better their hand.


At the end of each round, each player will have six exposed cards in front of him. Total up the cards; zero for KINGS, zero for PAIRS (one above the other), one point for ACES, ten points for QUEENS and JACKS and face value for all others. Subtract three points for each joker and subtract ten points for four of a kind (must be above and below each other).

In the event the player who terminated the round does not have the lowest score. I.e. Another player's score is lower. The player who terminated the round is penalized by adding ten points to his score.

The winner of each round is the player with the lowest score.