Welcome to our Enthusiastic Family of Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual and Transgender folks serving the "Community" of West Virginia and beyond. The purpose of the Highlanders is to connect, plan and host Homosocial activities throughout the year.  Activities include Hiking/Camping - Mountain Biking - Photography -Spelunking Social-Cookouts.

Potential members should be physically fit for hiking and possess the Time/Commitment  & Community Spirit to help create & experience Outdoor Adventures with our expanding  family. Activities range from two days to weeklong excursions in length, on occasion one day.  Members should be prepared to attend a minimal of 3 events a year,  plan and lead a future event, and understand we are not a "hook-up" service.  Pets and Children are not welcome on hiking events. Not for profit, all fees are used for existing and future event cost, cabin rental, campground fees and rental equipment

Before attending a scheduled group activity potential members should Email.  Tells us a bit about yourself and provide contact information.  Activities are announced to established contacts by Email.

West Virginia Highlanders

Founder: Kevin A. Tippett

High View, West Virginia

Est.: 1999

EMAIL  - wvhighlanders@citlink.net


Last Updated 

April 2, 2006

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