Building the Equipment Shed

A vital building on every farm is the "equipment shed". This building is used for the storage of equipment such as tractors and balers and other tools, serving as a workshop and garage. Our farm never had an equipment shed because it was owned by Queen Lil, an old maid school teacher, who never did mechanical work or repairs. For 25 years we have worked on our tractors, farm implements, and vehicles out in the weather or in the hay lofts of the barn. We have kept our tools spread around 2 acres of house, barn and out buildings, in the garage of our house, in the basement of the barn and in several sheds. In the fall of 2001 we decided to build an equipment shed to consolidate all of our tools and equipment and to have a heated workshop to work in during the cold snowy upstate New York winter. It will house our auto and tractor workshop and tools, our welders and torches, and our lumber planer and wood shop tools.

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Logdeck Sawing Hemlock and Poplar Logs into lumber on our mill

for the studs and the purlins and the concrete forms sawlogs boards

Bulldozing a level building site bulldoze   Forms for the concrete floor forms

A water hose is used to level the forms hose level

The concrete slab is poured in two stages half slab pad

Walls are framed and roof trusses go up frame trusses trusses

The metal roof goes on roof roof completed

Siding goes on siding siding siding completed

Plexiglass goes in for windows plexiglass insulation

Insulation and wall paneling insulation   The floor gets painted insulation

Electric lines are buried buried electrical conduit   The electric is in! electric box

The hoist for lifting engines hoist Workbenches are built workbench

Power tools moved in (jointer) jointer      Overhead doors are up! Overhead Door

Side Door Side Door     Official Name Plate is Up Name Plate

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