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Greetings from Dave, Hedy, Sarah, (David) Martin, and John at Swallow Valley Farm, our home on 130 acres in the beautiful Otselic River Valley of Central New York, shared with our Siberian Huskey, Arnold.   Arnold
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Mesineo Family The Messineos: John, Hedy, Dave (on couch), Sarah and David Martin
  John Mom and John

John graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego, with a major in Communications. He earned his RN degree and now enjoys working as an emergency room RN. Recently John started the Pug Knife Company,making high quality custom knives.

SarahSarah siesta

Sarah completed her Masters Degree in Employment and Labor Relations at Rutgers Universtity. In October of 2002 Sarah became Mrs Gregory Coffey. After working in the pharmaceutical field, she had one son, Gregory Michael, born in 2008. She then completed an RN degree and now works in a medical related field.

Dave David Martin gets domestic

(David) Martin graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in May of 2003 and obtained a Masters Degree from Lamar University. he received his Professional Engineer license and recently a degree in Civil Engineering. He is now living in Singapore with his wife Julene, daughter, Lucia, and son Julian.


View from the front deck Oct97 & Jan98



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