Messineo Genealogy


MESSINEO, Domenico-shoemaker-immigrated U.S. 1897 (SS Hesperia), Born July 16, 1864 -Lived in Petralia Sottana(Palermo Province, Sicily) Parents Giuseppe Messineo and Josefina Russo

BORGESE, Gondolfa -immigrated U.S. May 6, 1898 (SS Scindia), Born Jan 23, 1870-Born in Polizzi Generosa (Palermo Province, Sicily) Parents-Gandolfo Borgese and Caterina Monfoletto. Brother Giovanni, Sister Consolata came to U.S also.

PAGANO, Vincenzo -immigrated U.S. Dec 29, 1900 (SS Patria), Born Mar 30,1872 - Battapaglia (Salerno Province, Campania) Parents Alfonso and Theresa, six brothers, Salvatore, Anthony, Benny (Bias), Giovanni, Alfonso, Miguel (Minica), one sister, Concetta

Vincenzo holding baby Ofeliea

DE CARO, Raffaela -immigrated U.S. Jan 28,1903 (SS Massilia), Born Nov 22, 1874 in Fisciano (Campania) Parents Agostino DeCaro and Felicia Naddeo

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