How soon can I start?


Students with little or no prior kendo experience will start on the first Tuesday January, April, July or October.

We request that you watch at least two (2) classes and be covered with personnel health insurance (no exceptions).

If you are 17 years or under you must be accompanied by one of your parents or legal guardians when you visit us.


What do I need to start up?


Tee shirt and pants that do not cover the heels for clothing and a shinai (bamboo sword) and hachimaki (headband).


When can I wear bogu?


In approximately two (2) months you will be required to buy the Gi and Hakama and you will be given pieces of equipment to wear.

The wearing of the full bogu set will depend on your progress as determined by the instructors, after which you should be thinking of buying a set.

You may wear the set provided by the club; but after six (6) months you will be charged rental on the set.


Must I attend every practice?


No, some of our students can only practice once a week.

How quickly you advance will depend on how much effort you put into your practice sessions; not only in the dojo but your time away from the dojo also.


Do you sell the bogu?


No, the only piece's of equipment that we sell are the shinai's and the hachimaki's; the other articles of equipment will be bought from various vendors of Kendo equipment. Please do not buy any piece of equipment before you visit us