Date founded


Founded in 1967 in Sacramento, California as a non-profit Corporation.
Earliest dojo was located at Jackson Road near Florin-Perkins Road
across form the Florin-Perkins Golf Course which is now a gravel mine.

1982 moved to current location at Buddhist Church of Florin.


Founding members


Ichiro Akiyama

Ichiro Akiyama
Renshi – 7 Dan Kendo
1st Head Instructor 1967 until 1988





Dr. Masa Yamamoto M.D.

Dr. Masa Yamamoto M.D.




Mitsuno Bill Shirai

Mitsuo Bill Shirai
Renshi – 6 Dan Kendo
2nd Head Instructor August 1988 until May 2006
Referee 1993 USKF Championship
Senior member Team NCKF 1996 USKF Championship
Senior member Team NCKF 1999 AUSKF Championship
Currently residing in Kobe, Japan