Date founded


Founded in 1967 in Sacramento, California as a non-profit Corporation.
Earliest dojo was located at Jackson Road near Florin-Perkins Road
across form the Florin-Perkins Golf Course which is now a gravel mine.

1982 moved to current location at Buddhist Church of Florin.


Founding members


Ichiro Akiyama

Ichiro Akiyama
Kendo Renshi 7-Dan
1st Head Instructor 1967 until 1988





Dr. Masa Yamamoto M.D.

Dr. Masa Yamamoto M.D.




Mitsuno Bill Shirai

Mitsuo Bill Shirai
Kendo Renshi 6-Dan
2nd Head Instructor August 1988 until May 2006
Referee 1993 USKF Championship
Senior member Team NCKF 1996 USKF Championship
Senior member Team NCKF 1999 AUSKF Championship