Destination: Forever Ranch and Gardens

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We were recently so fortunate as to have the opportunity to purchase a very large number of cacti from the estate of an elderly grower here in Mohave County who recently passed away. His nursery contained over 1200 saguaro cactus, 2400 golden barrel cactus, and at least 1000 plants of around a dozen other species. This deal represents a major step forward for the gardens at Destination: Forever Ranch, both financially as well as botanically. Included in the purchase were 17 large saguaros, ranging from 12 feet up to about 20 feet tall. These mature plants will be used for the plantings planned for the gardens, and will represent a major new addition to the backdrop of the smaller plantings now in progress. Not only that, the time for the drilling of a well is near at hand. General Manager Jan Emming assures everyone that this is a most welcome step forward! 

As a result of this good fortune, we are now able to offer juvenile saguaros for sale at a very reasonable price. These plants were grown in full sun in amended soils, with plenty of water and occasional fertilization. This means that the plants are larger than average, especially the ones in the wild that must endure desert heat and drought while running a gauntlet of predatory insects and rodents for months on end prior to reaching this size. The spines are dense and long, and the body of the plant is heavier and thicker than the norm. If you think you are interested in possibly purchasing one of these quality specimens, please contact the General Manager at 

Sizes and prices of the saguaro cactus we have for sale now are as follows: 

  •    6-inch tall plant - $12.00 

  •   10-inch tall plant - $20.00 

  •   15-inch tall plant - $30.00 

  •    20-inch tall plant - $45.00 

  •    24-inch tall plant - $70.00 

  •    30-inch tall plant - $90.00 

We also have packets of around 150-200 seeds for $3.00 each so that you can grow your own

The golden barrel cactus for sale are also very nice, field-grown plants, with a gorgeous yellowish-orange spine color in the centers where the new spines are forming, fading to clear lemon-yellow on mature spines that have grown out to the sides of the plant. We offer these golden barrels in the following sizes and prices: 

  •     3.5-inch potted seedling - $6.00

  •     4-inch diameter plant - $12.00

  •     5-inch diameter plant - $15.00 

  •     6-inch diameter plant - $20.00 

  •     7-inch diameter plant - $25.00 

  •     8-inch diameter plant - $30.00

  •     9-inch diameter plant - $35.00

  •    10-inch diameter plant -$40.00   

Note: All sizes are the plant's body only, spines are not included in the measurements.

We also have available a number of agaves, yuccas, and aloes, grown from seed or divisions in Yucca, Arizona. The plants are between four and eight inches tall and wide, and are small rosettes numbering from five to ten leaves, depending upon the species. The uniform price at this time is $7.00 per plant for the following species:

  • Agave shreveii

  • Agave palmeri 

  • Agave parryi huachucensis 

  • Agave neomexicana 

  • Agave polianthiflora 

  • Agave lophantha 

  • Agave angustifolia var picta 

  • Agave desmettiana 

  • Agave sisalana 

  • Agave salmiana var ferox 

  • Agave americana, a very nice blue variety with gray stripes 

  • Agave americana variegata with yellow stripes on bluish-gray leaves 

  • Yucca rigida 

  • Aloe saponaria

  • Agave utahensis
  • Agave scabra ssp. zarcensis
  • Agave victoria-reginae
  • Agave lechuguilla
  • Agave colorata

 We are constantly evolving and adding to what we grow and sell here at D:FR, so if you are interested in finding a plant that is not on the list provided here, please write us and ask about it at . Full instructions for care will be provided with every purchase. Shipping and freight charges vary widely and are strongly dependent upon the size of the plant and its weight. We cannot sell saguaros larger than about 30 inches tall via mail because of weight limitations. We will be happy to provide an estimate for shipping based upon what you want to have sent. Use the above email address to make such inquiries. 

Thank you for your support of Destination: Forever Ranch and Gardens. We look forward to serving you.