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WELCOME to the Firewise Communities / USA website for the Lake Almanor West development in northern Plumas County, California.

The nationwide Firewise Communities / USA program is all about local property owner involvement in achieving and maintaining reduced fire hazard conditions on both developed and undeveloped parcels within the neighborhood. It starts with individual homes and structures and expands outward from there, encompassing the entire community. Guidelines are drawn from applicable state, county and local regulations as well as from lessons learned by local firefighters, emergency responders and, in our case, forest professionals. Above all, this is a private, self-directed, self-help effort that reflects community issues, community goals and community resources.

Our History

Starting in the year 2000, the Lake Almanor West community became directly involved in the
Lake Almanor Basin Fire Safe Council, a coordinating body that brought together private and governmental stakeholders to collaborate on fire prevention efforts in the local wildland urban interface (WUI). Numerous improvements were made in nearby forest areas over the next decade, and by that point the Fire Safe Council leadership role was more appropriately being addressed by the Plumas County Fire Safe Council.

In 2009, our emphasis shifted from external improvements to making our community safer from the inside. The West Almanor Community Club (WACC), the property owners’ association at Lake Almanor West, took the initiative to begin the Firewise certification process. An assessment of community conditions was quickly followed by a mitigation plan, some initial improvement projects and submission of our formal application. We became a recognized Firewise community in 2010 (FWC/USA #00747) and have maintained our status continuously ever since.

Our Organization

The Board of Directors of the West Almanor Community Club is also the local Firewise Board. The Board focuses on actions taken to reduce fire hazards on community parcels, supported by an appointed Firewise Coordinator (Tim Grewis) and the West Almanor Fire Department under Fire Chief Randy Fluke. But most of all, it is the community members themselves who make the difference in achieving more fire-tolerant conditions throughout the neighborhood.

Our Location

Lake Almanor West is a 615 acre development situated along the forested western shoreline of Lake Almanor, a few miles south of Chester, CA. That area encompasses nearly 700 residential parcels and roughly 500 structures, including some community-owned structures associated with community facilities. The development is at an elevation just above 4500 feet msl, and is bounded by the lake on the eastern and northern sides, by Lassen National Forest on the south and by private timberland owned by Collins Pine Company on the west. Our mountainous location is basically where the southern Cascades meet the northern Sierra Nevada mountains.


This private website was first activated online in the summer of 2017. It was most recently revised on 21 November 2021.