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Hayden Hill Cemetery
Hayden Hill, Lassen County

Hayden Hill Cemetery

Hayden Hill, was a mining community located approximately fifty-five miles north of Susanville.  The town came into existence in 1870, and began its final decline in the 1920s.  Very little information is known about the cemetery, as to even when it was first established. One authority cites that there were seventeen people buried there, but provides no information as to names.  In 1910, a fire destroyed a large portion of the community and the cemetery as well.  At that time, a number of wooden markers in the cemetery were destroyed by this fire.  It is also important to note that the majority of the residents of Hayden Hill, were buried at nearby Adin, in Modoc County. 


The following are known internments in the Hayden Hill Cemetery.


Dunbar, infant – no date
Gallagher, Mable – d. 31 December 1903
Hayden, Joseph Warren – d. 25 December 1884
Lewis, Seneca – d.
Modoc, Ben – d. 16 June 1901


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