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Lake Cemetery
Buntingville, Lassen County

Lake Cemetery

Headstone Enumeration compiled by Tim I. Purdy on May 26, 1978

Lake Cemetery is located approximately 18 miles southeast of Susanville.   The cemetery is located on private property.   This cemetery contains the oldest grave in Honey Lake Valley.   While there are only four tombstones, there are numerous depressions and fencing to indicate more burials.

Charles H. Crawford died May 21, 1858  "To the memory of Charles H. Crawford of Mount Vernon, MO who was killed by the Indians on 21 of May A.D. 1858 near Honey Lake.   Erected by James Cawthon"

Alvan E. Epley died January 28, 1872 aged 9 years, 2 months and 1 day, son of T.H. & M.E. Epley

Guy Epley died May 3, 1870 aged 3 years and 1 day son of Thos and Mary Epley

Pearl Epley died June 30, 1872 aged 4 months and 20 days daughter of T.H. & M.E. Epley

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