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Thompson Peak
Thompson Peak

Archival File Directory

The listing represents catalogued paper files (a separate map and photographic directory, will be added when time permits) of Lahontan Images concerning Lassen County history and adjacent areas.  This collection represents nearly thirty years of research and record retention conducted by Tim I. Purdy.  These files represent a wide range of documents, ranging from Coroner’s Inquest since 1863 through the mid 1930s’ genealogical requests received since 1976; to special collections such as the A.L. Tunison diaries from 1861 through 1886.  New files are constantly being processed.  If you do not locate a person and/or topic then submit an inquiry as to whether such a file might exist or for research assistance.  For more information concerning access, copies and/or to view files contact Tim I. Purdy, Lahontan Images, P.O. Box 1592, Susanville, CA  96130 or telephone 530.257.6747; fax at 530.251.4801 or email timipurdy@citlink.net

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