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I am going to put several pictures of our filters on this page. I have pictures of the insides, outsides, and sketches of how they are built. Hopefully this will help everyone understand how it works. We have upflow filters and down flow filters. It all depends on where you put the pipes.

This is the filter four our upper and lower ponds. It is a 2' X 2' X 4' oval stock tank. This is made from the design on the index page with the exception of this one is a downflow filter. The water comes in a pipe in the top and the water has to go down and back up through the pipes in the center that drain into the top tank. We used plastic crating and it is raised up in the barrel about 8 inches for bacteria to build up. We use lava rock for the filtering process along with the water celery on top which will fill in nicely.

This is what a filter looks like with nothing on the inside. Steve builds these, you can see the white plastic grating in the bottom, it is raised about six inches from the bottom. He also puts a drain on the side so you can hose it out when it gets plugged up, which isn't very often. He glues everything together with silicone.

This first drawing is for the Veggie filter that we are currently using.

Click here to see the diagram for a vegetable filter.

This drawing is for a mechanical filter that we used to use. The drawback to this filter is you have to take out the filter media and hose it out sometimes every other day. This was a pain in the neck, so we changed to the Veggie filtering system.

Click here to see a diagram for a mechanical filter.

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