2004 Pond Building

This writing is from when I built this pond in 2004.

I have had several ponds. At one time we had like 6 in the yard. We recently took the one out of the front yard, it was ground level and all the leaves that fell always blew into it. We will be building a small greenhouse in it's spot. I wanted a larger and deeper pond a few years ago so we took out the two smaller ones that were 600 gallons in ground with a stock tank holding 400 gallons above ground with a waterfall going down into the lower one. The way I had them wasn't convenient for mowing the lawn around it and all the leaves from the trees next door always blew in to the lower one (like the front). I built a block wall two 8" x 8" x 16" blocks high and the deepest spot is 30" and it took a 20' x 25' liner to fill it. Here are some photo's of our work in progress. I did all the footers and block work myself. There is rebar in every block so whether my blockwork looks good or not it will hold water in the end. Steve did the plumbing and put in a bottom drain. The pipe goes to the outside of the pond under the block and put a shut off valve at the end of the pipe. We have an external pump with a filter basket before it to catch the debris.

This photo is of blockwork all done, rebar is in every other block and the block sections with the rebar are filled with concrete. My blockwork isn't pretty, but I can say I did it all by myself, well mostly :).

This next picture is the inside where the hose was ready for the bottom drain to show up.

This pond took a 20' x 25' liner and it holds 2500 gallons, we used an old water meter to measure the gallonage. This still puts the water level about 1" from the top of the pond.

This picture is of the liner in and beginning to fill it up.

I let the liner sit for a couple of weeks to settle before I cut it off and glued it to the bricks with rubber silicone. I've put a layer of paver bricks all around the top of the pond to finish it off. The waterfall is almost finished as of 9/06.

I am so happy with the new pond, I love the way it looks now and like I told Steve, this is the last one, I've had several over the years that I've put in and taken out. This photo is before the edging and waterfall.

We have the new filter now behind the waterfall and the top of the waterfall is now finished. I still need to finish the top edge and front edge of the waterfall but it's getting there. Here is a recent photo for now.

I need to take new pictures of the pond, I know! I finally have the waterfall done and it is running nicely. I have about a dozen fish right now and have friends that want me to come and get the ones they have as they are downsizing.

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