Lost Armadillo Ranch Anatolian Shepherd Dogs


PO Box 17
Davis Creek California 96108

In order to determine placement of puppies after temperament testing please answer the following questions and return to me with your $200.00 deposit. Your deposit is refundable if I am unable to place a pup with you. Date deposit received determines placement order. Pups will be ready to go to their new homes between 8 to 10 weeks of age.

Why did you choose this breed?

Have you owned or do you now own an Anatolian Shepherd?

What purpose will your pup serve i.e. show, guardian, pet?

Type of livestock

How much land will the dog be protecting?

A fence 5 feet tall is required!
Describe what type and height of fencing you have

Anatolian Shepherds are very dog aggressive.
Do you own other pets? If so what kind and how many

All dogs require housing that is dry and draft free, and someplace shady in warm/hot weather.
Where will the dog be kept ?

Have you ever had any large working breed of dogs?

Have you ever obedience trained a dog?

Will you have time to train this pup?

If you are unable to keep your dog anytime during his life are you willing to return him to me?

Are you willing to keep me updated yearly on how your dog is doing?

Are you planning to breed your dog after two years and OFA hip certification is obtained with a good or excellent rating?

Preference for coat length (if possible) Color (if possible) Sex

If shipping, where is your closest airport?

Any other comments that might help in selecting the right pup for you?

Please include two references, one preferable you veterinarian.

Please sign, name, address, day and evening phone and return to me, along with your deposit. Puppy will be held as of the date I receive your deposit.


PO Box 17
Davis Creek California 96108

Health guarantee & sales contract for:PUPPY
AKC registered #:


Breeder guarantees this puppy to be healthy and free of disease that has been wormed, with currant vaccinations, and will guarantee good health of the pup for two weeks after sale. During that time, the buyer is to have the above pup examined by a licensed veterinarian for a full and complete health check. If any problems are found indicating the above pup is not healthy, the buyer is to return the pup to the breeder immediately in like condition for a full refund of purchase price or receipt of replacement pup. Breeder's discretion is used to choose best arrangement.

Breeder agrees that if a serious hereditary defect is discovered within the first two years of age, but not at the initial exam, to refund $200 of the purchase price. The buyer must provide the breeder with a written vet certificate of the defect within 30 days and the dog must be spayed/neutered. If the dog has produced, or sired a litter prior to the determination of a serious defect, the guarantee portion of this contract is null and void.

This guarantee does not cover accidents, injuries or shipping costs. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as liability on the breeder's part if the dog shall fail to perform its guardian functions due to inadequate training/discipline on the buyer's part.

The buyer agrees to make arrangements to pick puppy up between 8 and 10 weeks of age. Breeder will not be keeping puppy after 10 week unless special arrangements have been made in advance.

The buyer is responsible for providing proper veterinary care. Buyer is to keep normal vaccinations current throughout the dog's life. Buyer is to provide monthly heartworm preventive and flea protection. The buyer shall provide the breeder with a written review yearly of the dog's health for three years and agrees to immediately notify breeder of any medical, behavioral or health problems so that the breeder can assist the buyer and/or monitor and adjust their breeding program accordingly.

Buyer has learned about the normal care given to a giant-breed puppy. Medical alert Hypersensitive to anesthesia and pain medications, start with 1/10th the dose, increase slowly.

I am selling puppies as "companion" or for "livestock guardians" for $1500. PLUS CALIFORNIA SALES TAX 8.250% ($123.75). Buyer agrees to have this dog neutered/spayed by 12 months of age. Since this dog is sold as a non-breeder, all guarantees are void if this dog is ever bred. Breeder will furnish buyer with registration papers on this dog marked, "NON-BREEDING RIGHTS", after receiving Vet Cert. on spay/neuter.

I am selling puppies as "Breeding or Show prospects" for $xxxxx PLUS CALIFORNIA SALES TAX, in addition, depending on puppy, breeder may retain the right to, one breeding to male placed as breeding dog and pick puppy from first litter born to female placed as breeding dog. An arrangement will be decided between buyer and breeder. Buyer agrees to have dog's hip X-rayed between 24 an 30 months of age, and submitted to OFA for evaluation. The buyer clearly understands that this is not optional and MUST be done within 6 months of the dogs second birthday. This is very important to our breeding program. Buyer agrees to furnish breeder with a copy of the OFA reading. Buyer agrees not to breed until an OFA certificate has been issued. If a hip certification number is not awarded, the buyer agrees to retry within 4 months with a different vet. If covered defect do occur, the buyer will neuter/spay the afflicted dog and upon written veterinary certified proof, that the dog is unable to breed, the breeder will refund the difference in price from companion/breeding quality. If the dog has been injured, poorly fed, miss handled or bred this written guarantee is void.

The Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Breeder will arrange flight($250), crate($60), health certificate($40), and delivery to the airport($150) for $500.

The buyer must not sell or give away dog to any individual or organization representative. Breeder must be notified by the buyer first of any intended ownership transfer, with the breeder having first rights to have the dog back or buyer must allow breeder to assist and or approve of placement of dog. If the dog needs to be returned to the breeder within the first two weeks after purchase the breeder will refund all but the $200.00 deposit. Unless as stated in this contract there is a health reason for the puppy being returned. If the buyer returns the dog to the breeder after the first two weeks, but before two months after purchase, breeder will refund one half of the purchase price. If the buyer returns the dog to the breeder after two months from the date of purchase, breeder will not be refunding any money. Buyer is responsible for retuning the dog to breeder. Breeder will not be picking dog up.

Dog is never to be placed in an animal shelter. Buyer agrees never to euthanize animal without first notifying the breeder, the exception would be if the dog was severely injured or suffering.

Every effort has been made by the breeder to produce a litter both physically and mentally sound. The breeder will stand behind this breeding to the extent stated. However, the buyer accepts full responsibility for the proper care once the pup leaves the breeder.

Amount Paid for dog: Sold As:

Breeder/seller Kim Gray